What is Quitter? - How does this social network work?

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What is Quitter?

Quitter is free software which can be modified by all its users, is also characterized by being a transparent platform which does not have any kind of censorship or restriction; therefore, its users enjoy total freedom to express themselves, which Twitter does not promote.

But many people don't consider this site as a social networks but rather an installation of GNU social, (a project that creates decentralized social networks, i.e. does not seek to be included in the same center as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others; you can instead communicate with the entire internet).

Quitter has two types of interface, one classic and another newer, users can register on both servers because leave has no identity verification system; That's why you can find users who have the same name you used to use this social network.

This social network was popularized by a Twitter user known as @barbijaputa; The revolution of the gods began social network Quit, when she was automatically suspended from Twitter, so she created a profile on Quitter and asked all her followers to switch social networks and a large number of users followed her on Quitter.

How does this Quitter social network work?

  • La  registration is free.
  • You register on Exit.zone or on the Quiteer.no website; To register, you will be asked to enter a username and password, you must also enter an email address, with these simple steps you have created a profile in Quitter.
  • Each user can write a biography on their profile, post an image or attach a link that directs other users of this social network to your blog or website (if you have not yet created a blog, you still have a chance); This will help you learn more about yourself and what you offer on your websites.
  • The messages that each user writes are called queet and you can express yourself without fear of censorship in the 1000 characters that this platform offers.
  • It has no advertising whatsoever.
  • It is not necessary to create an account on this platform to follow someone, as it is possible to view the most relevant messages shared by each user; and this is achieved thanks to the public timeline that appears on the main page, where users share information and comment and discuss topics of interest.
  • The icons for replying or adding a bookmark are similar to those offered by Twitter.
  • This account may be public or private. Even if you use the public option, the system will notify you if you have new followers, but you decide if they will be part of your community.
  • Notifications can be viewed in a menu on the left side of the timeline for each user.
  • On this platform you can create public groups but these cannot violate fundamental rights. And if you want you can create private groups where you can select who accesses the group.

  • You can also block those users who may be annoying and you do it by going to the classic area where you have to write the @name of the user you want to block.
  • Direct messages can be read by going to the profile Quit Clasic, in the message bar you can read your messages.
  • The Quitter platform has three timelines for organizing content; timeline where messages from your followers appear, public timeline here messages from your server appear and in every known network people messages from all servers appear.

Many bet this social network di Quit it will be very popular to the point of crowding out Twitter and also other of the most used and popular social networks today, but only time will tell. Even if you've already decided to go to Quitter and permanently delete your Twitter account.

Now that you know what Quitter is and how this social network works; What are you waiting for! start writing what you think without any kind of censorship, by registering immediately in Quitter and become part of this great community of those who give up.

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