What is Pinterest and how does it work? What is it for and how to use this social network?

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What is Pinterest and what is it for?

Pinterest is one visual communication tool which allows you to capture ideas for projects and personal interests, like an online digital social board. Users can collect images on their websites, redesign them and mount them on the digital message boards of this social network.

A phrase widely used on this social platform is Pin or Pinners, which they are basically images and videos which are published to express personal interests. It should be noted that you can remove images or pins from Pinterest boards as you see fit.

What is Pinterest for?

Specifically, Pinterest is used for 3 things, discover, organize and exhibit various contents on a digital network, here we explain it to you.

  1. Discover images and videos that can be eye-catching in an orderly and simple way, using a keyword in the search engine. You will be able to search by category or observe the highlights on the digital cards and then collect what you like.
  2. You can organize the images and videos that you have obtained on the Internet or that you have obtained on Pinterest itself. For example, on this site, what is ranked or the most common in different themes usually appears in the message boards you decide on.
  3. This social network allows you to display pins and repins you draw from other walls or bulletin boards, as well as other users will reuse your post. This will allow "likes" to increase over yours showcase e attract more people to see what you post.

As you've already read, there are many things you can do on Pinterest, including saving and downloading images to your PC and reusing them.

How to use Pinterest in the professional context?

By creating an account on Pinterest you will have the option to use in the professional fieldbut you need to know a few things first, we explain it below:

  • Use the handy categories to boost your pins.
  • Harmonize unique and original pins, the same goes for repins on your boards.
  • Advertise your pins with a peak of activity late at night.
  • Choose quality and large images, as with the Pinterest format they look much better.
  • Try using the «Pinterest Share» button, the PrestaShop option to speed up your customers' times.
  • Try to be the most active in your account commenting and rating the content of other users to find more contacts.

How to assemble original and professional content?

Next, we will give you five practical and simple tips to make or create a unique and professional content on Pinterest.

  • Articles: Design a board with "Featured products" who claim to be "New" to keep customers updated.
  • Images: It is important to upload images or videos with web links so that followers find more information.
  • Inspiration: Always post what you are passionate about, use eye-catching design templates for you and thus maintain originality. One thing you can do is be very attentive to trends in the online world and have ideas for using them.
  • Color: On Pinterest colors are important and that the image is combined with that concept to have a board dedicated in particular to color.
  • Social cooperation: it will be very useful encourage clients to collaborate on boards of directors.

Pinterest modules essential for your online store!

To increase the interaction between your online store and the Pinterest social network, we provide you with these simple and essential modules.

  • Auto-Post Product Pinterest is a tool that helps you program an automation within the online store, to automatically duplicate products.
  • Social Plugings module that allows you to share your photos and other content on other social networks.
  • Presta social Stream is a tool that you can use on your Pinterest boards that you have in your online store.

We hope this post will help you understand what Pinterest is and how this social network works, being one of the most used to highlight trends.

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