What is PayPal? | How to receive money on PayPal?

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You have to send or receive money without paying commissions from abroad with PayPal. And then you wonder what PayPal is? and how can I receive money in PayPal? Don't worry, in this post we will explain what is PayPal and how to receive money on PayPal?

What is PayPal?

It is a virtual wallet dedicated to processing payments and transfers from any corner of the world through the Internet. In some countries, you can even limit or restrict money transfers and withdrawals. This platform was founded in 1998 and has since gained a large number of users and is the most popular among similar platforms.

PayPal's main goal is to mobilize money electronically; Therefore, you can make payments for online purchases and send and receive money, via national or international wire transfers, immediately.

To use the PayPal service it is sufficient to have one email ; It is a safe method, as each user's financial data is kept private, there is no need to share it with the recipient. This platform has been characterized by providing its users with great security and comfort.

Advantages of using PayPal:

  • Opening a PayPal account is very simple ; you just have to enter an email and provide some personal information.
  • You can verify your PayPal account with a credit or debit card in just a few steps.
  • Safe system ; as your bank details are protected by an automatic encryption system and advanced fraud systems that PayPal has implemented.
  • It is a simple platform to use. Eg; If you want to receive wire transfers, you only have to provide the recipient with your email address associated with PayPal, at no time they will ask you for personal or financial information.
  • Free service for buyers using PayPal.

  • Its biggest advantage is that the money is paid immediately ; you don't have to wait days for a transfer.
  • PayPal has a large international market and more than 200 million users enjoy using this service.
  • Eligible purchases are covered by PayPal's Buyer Protection Guarantee.
  • Il servizio PayPal is accepted in a large number of online stores and apps ; such as Uber, Microsoft, Spotify, Adidas, Puma, among others.
  • With PayPal it is possible change currencies ; that is, you can convert one currency to another instantly, you just have to pay a small commission.
  • You can use PayPal from your mobile.
  • In your PayPal account you can save huge amounts of money ; but, for this you need to have an associated credit card.

How to receive money on PayPal?

To receive money into your PayPal account, you just need to provide the address email that you have registered with PayPal. You can currently receive payments using PayPal.Me.

This system consists in sharing a personal link; Then, the recipient clicks, enters the contribution, logs in and you will receive the money in seconds in your PayPal account. Here we explain how to create a link:

  1. Log into your PayPal account; If you don't have an account on this platform, you need to create one, you just need to enter your email, password and fill out a small form.
  2. When you log into the PayPal home page, locate the option «Create a link to PayPal.Me» and click there.
  3. Click on » create PayPal.Me profile «.
  4. Press «Add photo» and a window will appear in which you have to choose the photo you want to hang. You can also click on «Not now».
  5. Create a link, the link name should be easy to remember and you can write whatever you want. Then click Next.
  6. Check the box where you agree to show your link to other PayPal users.
  7. Click on "Accept and create".

Remember to copy the link not to forget it.

Points of interest:

  • PayPal will inform you by email that the funds have already been credited on your account.
  • Although it is not necessary to have a registered bank account to receive money; if you need to link an account if you want to withdraw those funds. Note that the bank account holder must be the same as the PayPal account holder.
  • When a PayPal user makes a payment to you (both international and domestic) that money will be paid immediately.

Don't think twice and start enjoying the benefits of having one PayPal account today. And if you want to set up your account to feature a different business name, PayPal gives you the opportunity to do so in just a few steps.

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