What is it, what is it for and how does the intranet work in companies?

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To get an idea, Intranet allows you to share messages among all users connected to it, only by registering your data and generating information, you can enter for be interconnected and tuned, otherwise you will not be able to use the service or see the information contained therein.

What is the purpose of the intranet?

Its main goal is that you can receive, send and access information on a variety of computers connect to this private network and thus keep all information transfer that can go from one place to another private.

The intranet also allows you to empty information in the cloud, that is a folder, where you can host all information relating to a topic where any other computer connected to the network can also review or modify according to the user's characteristics.

How does the intranet work in companies?

As mentioned above, being a private network, it can be easily installed in an organization to order, monitor and distribute information to employees to maintain an order of information that only they can manage, modify and therefore optimize office work ..

Leaders opt for this private network to have immediate communication around the company, as it is possible to send information securely and privately to everyone, and even better to choose a classification for each ladder of positions in the company.

What do we mean by this? that you can split the information to send different links to each person who works in your company, from employees with lower positions to higher ones.

Each employee must be registered in this network and generate a username and password to be able to log in. To register you must provide your data and enter your corresponding position that you hold in the company, in this way you will be able to know your specific access to the intranet.

Your profile will be in accordance with your job, i.e. your position and the actions you carry out in your daily life in the company. Why does each of them have access differently? Because, as we have already said, everyone has different jobs depending on their role.

For example, the manager may have a number of tools that enable him to perform certain actions, unlike a coordinator who has a position with less responsibility.

It is important to remember that if you want to opt for this type of private network for companies, you have to be careful who you provide a user, as valuable company data can be stored in this cloud that should not be in the public domain, such as statistics and percentages. of what the company generates, or strategies that should be implemented in the future.

The evolution of the intranet

Although mainly in companies this network has been installed to access from multiple computers connected in the same place, the intranet has evolved its functions and developed other tools, in this way it is possible that you can access the network everywhere if you are addicted company and you already have a password and a generated user.

You can review the information that has been uploaded to the cloud and based on your options you can do other things like share information, send activities and more. So this is great for you if you have a growing organization and want to optimize communication and business development for your employees.

Curious fact

The intranet was originally created for universities, in order to have tools that facilitate communication between students and teachers, thus having an immediate response. They have been given guides, assignments and virtual texts, which they have access to on the computers in the libraries of each institution.

This of course is totally private, and in fact has been classified by careers and subjects each student has undertaken . Based on this idea, the famous Internet was created as a general network where any user can easily access any web portal and get information that other users (creators) have deposited in it.

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