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What is Facebook Shop?

It is a virtual shop within your Facebook business profile where you can publish and view i your products, providing the customer with convenience and speed in purchasing; because users interested in an article will be able to manage the purchase from Facebook with a few clicks.

Facebook Shop was born with the aim of creating a virtual version of the physical store. That is, it allows you to bring your physical store to social networks and be able to sell products on the Facebook Shop in order to have a greater impact among people and thus increase your sales despite the current economy.

You may think that Facebook Shop doesn't offer you practical or innovative tools to grow your business; But don't be fooled, this online store comes with new features related to Instagram and WhatsApp (social networks that have millions of users). These great features will be released in the coming months to revolutionize e-commerce.

How does Facebook Shop work?


Opening a shop on Facebook is free and simple, you just need to have one company Facebook page (you cannot open a shop in your personal profile), accept the terms and conditions for entrepreneurs, connect a bank account, have a social security number and physically own the products you offer; (some of these requirements vary by country).

Using a number of templates and tools you will be able to customize the look of your store with colors and a cover image that identifies your brand. You can also create a spectacular store by adding new products to your store, formulating a catalog and organizing products into collections and categories.

When an order is requested, Facebook will send you a notification and once the purchase is complete, you will need to send the package within three working days subsequent through companies that guarantee the follow-up and confirmation of delivery of the product.

You can upload your products via a account Stripe o PayPal, you can also use the bank account you linked to your Facebook Shop profile. But keep in mind that when you use Stripe or PayPal you will be charged a percentage per transfer.

It is important that you know two things that you can only ship to the country you live in and Facebook Shop will not charge any commission for any sales you make, which means greater profit for the seller.


Customers can easily view the products displayed on Facebook Shop while they check their Facebook profile, from advertising banners or directly from the stories published by the company.

If a user is interested in a product, he can click on the image of that product to get more details and if he wants to buy it, he must click on the button «Check on the site» ; then it will immediately redirect you to that seller's online store to complete the purchase. Subsequently, the customer can specify the Facebook Shop payment methods, to feel secure in their purchase.

If you place an order in error or you regret having done so, you can cancel the order if it has not yet been marked as shipped, but this must be done within 30 minutes of placing the order. After completing the product payment, it will arrive in your hands within the next 10 days.

If you have any questions or want to contact the seller, the creators of Facebook Shop are creating a feature to be able to contact the seller via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct and these features will be available very soon.

Open your shop on Facebook and start using Facebook Shop, the online shop that is revolutionizing the way people do business Online shopping. In Facebook Shop you can grow your business and increase your profits from the comfort of your home or business.

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