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What kind of application is Facebook Messenger and what is it for?

Currently, the Facebook Messenger application has tools to send voice notes, send pictures, photos, videos and even make video calls with your contacts, individually or in a group, to improve the communication experience.

How Facebook Messenger works

Like any other application, Facebook Messenger works like an instant messaging tool, using your contacts saved on Facebook or simply searching for them on the platform without having to send them the request.

It should be noted that the application can be used without registering, with just a phone number and write a name you can have fun communicating with this application, available for various operating systems come Android, iOS e Windows Phone.

What are the main features of Facebook Messenger?

Messenger not only has a messaging service, it also has other very useful functions, and with each update more are added.

Receive and send private messages with this application

The main function of this application is that to send private messages, even in a group, to do this you need to start a conversation with the contact you want, select him, write the message you want and give him to send.

You can talk to multiple people at the same time with group chats

This function is possible to perform, in fact, the number of conversations that you can have is numerous, since this application allows you to divide each conversation into windows which can be minimized into bubbles that remain on the main screen.

But it also lets you boot a conversation group with different people, regardless of whether they are in the other's contact list.

Encrypted messages for secret conversations

Like another of the functions of this application, there are Facebook Messenger private messages, which can be sent to any of your contacts, and has a number of different settings than a normal conversation.

Some of these are that the messages can disappear in the time you prefer, that is, they have an expiration, for that can also set a timer to delete the entire conversation.

Free phone and video calls

The application that offers this call and video call service is completely free and you can download it regardless of the type of operating system you have on your device, but these calls and video calls require internet which comes at a cost.

You can exchange files, photos and videos

This transfer of files, photos and videos is completely possible with the Facebook Messenger application, you just have to start a conversation and attach any documents, photos or videos you want to send.

Contains a space for Messenger stories

This application has a section where you can add photographs, videos or images and even the location that you can post as stories, which last 24 hours available to be viewed.

Money exchanges are possible

Although this feature is only available to users found in the United States, you can make payments through this platform, it's just a matter of adding a PayPal account or credit card, selecting a contact and tapping the send money option.

It contains many different games and you can access them from there

Yes, Messenger currently has a wide variety of games and some classics like chess, tetris, UNO and solitaire. Many of them can be played in a group with your friends.

How can you access Facebook Messenger?

While you will technically use Facebook Messenger when you send a message via Facebook from your browser or application, there are other options to log in:

Log in by downloading the Messenger application, quick and easy

One of the existing ways to access this instant messaging service offered by the Facebook platform is to download the application from your smartphone, regardless of the operating system you are using, Facebook Messenger it is compatible and totally free.

For example, if you have a smartphone with an Android operating system, just go to the Play Store, find Facebook Messenger and install it, to start chatting and play with your friends.

The simplest thing is to do it from the Facebook application

This is an option if you haven't downloaded the Facebook Messenger application, you can also go to the message bar, in one of the options at the top of the Facebook or Facebook lite app, which has a message icon.

There you can see the sent and received messages, as well as start a conversation or more, individually or in a group, similar to the specialized app.

It is also possible to access it from your browser

You can also log in to Facebook Messenger via your browser both via your phone and via your computer, just enter the main Facebook page, enter your password and username, then log into Messenger by clicking on the Messenger Service icon.

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