What is Facebook Lite and how is it different from the regular app

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To understand what is facebook lite, you should know that it is true that the famous social network Facebook is used by billions of users around the world, especially through mobile phones. Unfortunately, however, many of them are experiencing errors and performance issues due to this app, especially those running on Android devices.

That's why Zuckerberg and his team decided to create and develop an app called » Facebook Lite » aimed at emerging markets. Similarly, a fix for slow connections has been implemented. This app is less than 2 MB in size and can offer many of the same features as the regular or standard Facebook app.

What is Facebook Lite and how is it different from the usual Facebook?

Faced with this dilemma between the two apps, users of social networks wonder which one is better to use and in what aspects they differ from each other in order to download and install the most suitable one on their mobile phone or tablet. Below, in fact, we want to tell you what Facebook Lite is and the main differences between the "normal" Facebook app and Facebook Lite.

To find out which Facebook application to use on your mobile and make it work perfectly, in this section we provide you with a significant comparison that will help you better distinguish Facebook Lite from the "usual" Facebook. Because, believe it or not, they both have extremely significant differences. That's why you should know the following:

1- Interface

After the introduction, the feature that shows the biggest difference between normal Facebook and the Lite version is the interface change. In the Lite version, the interface is totally stripped down and much more minimalistic.

In detail, we point out that in the upper part of the screen, the sections in which both applications are displayed are completely different. As with the regular app, it just shows the search bar in the blue bar. Now, in the case of FB Lite, it contains icons placed in the blue bar and the search bar has disappeared, and now it has become another section with a magnifying glass icon.

Similarly, when you are on the home page of a social network, you will also see that one application is significantly different from another. Starting with a full-featured app that displays images shared by your online friends in a highly viewable and usable size. But that changes in the Lite version, which reduces them to take less time to load. Therefore, if you want to see them in a larger size, you have to click on the content.

There are also differences in the "like" and "comment" post icons. Due to the fact that the Facebook Lite version has much more minimalistic icons and dispenses with the textual indication of the number of «I like it» received for a particular post, as well as the number of comments.

In general, the rest of the Facebook Lite tabs are more modest, with less colorful and more modest icons. It was designed this way because they assumed the app would be used on small screens and so they adapted it that way.

Therefore, if you want a more detailed, comfortable and engaging Facebook experience, we recommend using a "regular" app. The Lite app looks like an older platform.

2- Performance

When it comes to this aspect, there is a notable difference between the two Facebook mobile apps. Considering the fact that after you start using «normal» Facebook and Facebook Lite for some time, you will notice a big difference in the performance of each of these two Apps.

In this sense, it must be emphasized that the Facebook Lite application has a disgusting fluidity. Especially when scrolling or swiping your account history from this app. This is completely logical due to the small amount of space it takes up on your device, which is to be expected.

Other than that, you can see that it also has a small ability to download messages to the timeline. In other words, what is Facebook Lite an app that can download very few messages and, therefore, when you want to see new messages, you will have to download them every few seconds.

In this performance aspect, it is also worth noting that the loading time of Lite is totally disadvantageous compared to a normal application. The load time for transitions in the app is huge, whether you need to open a small image, visit a friend's profile, or navigate to a new timeline page.

Well, that's why if you want to use an app that works well in general, the best thing to do is install the "regular" FB app and get rid of the idea of ​​using Facebook Lite. Because the performance differences are very noticeable.

3- Weight and app download

Before downloading and installing any mobile application, users usually check the weight of the app. This affects both the download process and the performance of the mobile phone whether or not it has the required capacity.

In the case of the full Facebook mobile app, its total weight is 60MB. This is not an inconvenience or a limitation for those who download it via WiFi or 4G, but if you have a slow connection it is better not to install this app.

As for the Facebook Lite app, it is obviously lighter and is 2MB in total. This way, even if you have a slow internet connection, it doesn't matter because within seconds you will be able to access your social media account through the app.

However, in terms of internal storage usage, A typical Facebook app weighs 128 MB (without temporary or user data) and this increases as you sign up and start the platform, as it can grow up to 307MB. This is not the case with Lite, because it only takes up 4,56 MB of memory and when you log in and do what you want in the app, the size increases to 6 MB.

Thus, it can be understood that Lite is more beneficial for users who don't want to take up a lot of space on their device just to use Facebook. Considering that the weight difference between the regular version and the Lite version is very significant.

4- Battery consumption

In addition to the weight difference between the regular Facebook app and the Lite version, the two apps they also differ in the amount of battery power they consume on a mobile device. Only this manifests itself on a smaller scale.

As for battery consumption, which is observed when using the application via Facebook Lite, it is minimal, since on average it is reduced by only 1 percent. In contrast, a typical Facebook app can consume up to 3% of the total number of apps in use.

If you evaluate it at first glance, it might not be that significant. However, in the long run, the difference can be much more noticeable and significant.

5- Functions

Facebook Lite, being a simpler and more streamlined app, obviously adds fewer features than the full FB app. So you will also find a very fitting dissimilarity in this aspect. We therefore highlight the features guaranteed by the Lite version:

  • Regular comments and likes.
  • Status graph.
  • Card for friend requests and suggestions.
  • Research section.
  • Card notifications.
  • Integrated Facebook Messenger. It has text, stickers and the ability to send or share photos.
  • Profile Page and Managed Pages.
  • Automatic video playback over Wi-Fi.

In this sense, FB Lite brings together the most used social networking features and the addition of Facebook Messenger is a good factor. Therefore, this app is not an application without functions or mechanisms of interest to Facebook.

Although if you want a more complete social networking experience, your best bet is to use the "regular" Facebook app because it's a winner when it comes to features. This includes new likes, popular Facebook stories, the ability to broadcast live video, and more (the downside is the ads, which are really annoying).

Should I use Facebook Lite if I have a mid-range smartphone?

To classify a mobile phone as "mid-range", aspects such as processor, power, price, additional features, quality of materials and other aspects must be taken into account. Which, under certain circumstances, can be limiting. In particular those based on hardware and processor power.

That said, the question arises as to how necessary it is for mid-range smartphone users to use the Lite versions of some apps and what benefits this can bring to your mobile.

As for the Facebook app, it mostly depends on the needs of the user. Because if it is true, with Facebook Lite can manage Facebook Messenger with little space, little memory and little data.

Which is a huge plus for someone with a modest phone that doesn't pack a lot of power. So, if your mid-range phone isn't a powerful device, Facebook Lite is better.

However, if your mid-range and higher-end smartphone can keep up with phones of considerable power and, moreover, you have no connection problems or poor performance, then there is no particular benefit to using the Lite version of Facebook ..

You can download and install the regular app because it will work very well on your device and you will also get more advanced features like Facebook Live, share stories on social media and more.

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