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Therefore, today we want to talk to you about DiDi, a giant of platforms di mobility sectors to request fast and safe travel in your city, this company has firmly positioned itself in the market for transport services required through mobile applications, all thanks to its excellent services and competitive rates.

Taking into account the needs of its customers, DiDi has expanded its portfolio of services to meet the demands of passengers. Among these services there is DiDi Express, a mobility network a affordable prices. This service is intended for single users or groups of up to 4 passengers. Here we tell you what this service from the famous company covers and what benefits it offers to users around the world.


DiDi Express What does it offer?

Let's start with safety. Far above other transport apps, DiDi Express has a excellent safety kit. Through the mobile application you can share the route of your trip with your trusted contacts for real-time monitoring. Plus, with the app's security button, you can call 911 during an emergency situation. You can get more information on what it is and how to download the DiDi App.

In addition, the drivers associated with this company and al DiDi Express service they have been meticulously selected, passing through different filters that have allowed them to operate as drivers. From the necessary documentation to the criminal record. So you can feel safer when requesting an express ride through DiDi.

The best rates and assistance 24/24

For the DiDi Express service, used cars are the cheapest, the most abundant and the most diverse: there are all brands and sizes. But whatever the type of car used, the service will be pleasant and efficient.

As for the tariffs, the product has been designed to follow the regulations and laws in force on the transport of the country in which it is requested, so that the taximeter both the one that determines the value to be paid and users can make the payment in cash or credit card.

In particular, the final value of the trip is the result of the sum of the distance, in km traveled (long distances are those that exceed 12 km and have a supplement), time and a registration fee of 7%. Consequently, this particularity of the service allows us to offer customers competitive rates. These have been very well received by the thousands of passengers who request the service on a daily basis.

Likewise, there are many company promotions for the benefit of passengers. Among these we can mention for example: promotional and discount codes, reduced rates for new users and many other benefits that you can explore when using the platform. You can also log into this platform and order a DiDi via your laptop or PC.  

DiDi Express, on the other hand, offers 24/24 support, so you can have the service whenever you want. In addition, it has a Customer Service Center on its website, which can help you solve your doubts and needs.



How to order DiDi Express?

First, you need to download and install the DiDi Pasajero mobile application on your iPhone or Android. In case you cannot download the application on your mobile device, you can check with your service center. Next, fill in the details and choose your destination on your city map. Click on «Confirm» to request the ride and wait for the driver. Finally, when you arrive safely at your destination, you can evaluate the driver.

Without a doubt, with the DiDi Express service, the renowned Chinese transport company is firmly positioning itself in the global transport market. This is why it has left other popular apps like Uber behind. And it is that DiDi Express seeks to improve the income of driving partners and offer better rates to users. DiDi is already available in many countries, including Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, and most recently Chile.

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