What is cache and what is it for? Features and main function?

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It is important to note that the cache is a tool located in the central processing unit or CPU for storing information or data processed in an auxiliary memory. This memory acts quickly although it is small. Always with the aim of accessing the information you have viewed.

It should be noted that the cache it is located in the middle of the CPU AND RAM memory helping so the system over time. It should be noted that this report will guide you to a copy of the data and not exactly the originals.

Know what the cache is for

This memory works in a simple way, as when you are on your computer it automatically creates one copy of the data provided to you by caching it. So that you can have the information you need available to you when you want and that you don't have to log in to the place of origin.

At the same time, it should be noted that the cache is also full and in this way the process can be delayed when verifying the necessary information. This process can slow down the computer a bit, thus producing some kind of error when reading the memory.

If you wish, you can clear the cache of any device freeing up space and refill it while creating the content. Remember that you can clear the memory manually, this process should not worry you, as you will not erase the data from the hard drive, where the original information is stored.

At the same time, the cache has advantages when emptied, as it is possible delete old data that is not needed. You will also help speed up the system so that it can save current data.

But you shouldn't abuse this manual option, as it may cause some memory damage, because the cache may not perform its function as it should. Therefore, you should do it regularly but not overdo it.

Currently, almost all equipment such as mobile phones, smart TVs, among others, have a digital process such as a PC whose function is to help the equipment conform to its own. digital processes.

The cache memory system has certain characteristics

This memory was created from the very beginning of the first computers to serve as auxiliary in the microprocessor. Since they have not been able to process the data that was provided to them well and are working at a higher speed. This creation was intended to minimize the wait while retrieving the necessary information.

This ingenious invention allows you to have all the data in an organized way and the most important thing is that the team will always work quickly. The cache allows you to read frequently used files without any problem.

In turn, this tool helps you find files that have recently been downloaded from the Internet. It also organizes data according to their importance according to the operating system.

Other cache features

The processor will always have good performance thanks to the support of this memory. Helping to relieve the processes in RAM memories. On the other hand, it should be noted that the cache won't take up most of your computer's hardware or software thanks to its small size.

The caches can be found in different types such as: disk cache, this takes care of processing the data that has been read in the last hours; the song cache: characterized by having a solid composition, this piece has a high cost, so it is not found in any equipment.

Finally we have the web cache, which saves the documents that have been viewed on the web as the name indicates, thus avoiding the download process and not wasting time on it.

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