What is better Uber or DiDi? - Find out all the differences

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To come to a conclusion, I invite you to join me in this article where we will go through each of the options available for different applications. Trying to buy each of them so that we have a clearer idea of ​​what each of the apps offers us.

The great promise

In any type of business, competition is essential. After all, the only ones who benefit from it are users and / or customers. Didi is a platform that started in 2012, so it has a lot of experience in the market.

It works quite similar to others like Uber, Cabify o Easy Taxi. Another thing to consider is that said platform manages dynamic rates. This means that the price can vary depending on the situation. Consider whether technical support quickly resolves issues when collecting or issuing invoices.

Main differences between Uber and DIDI

What you should keep in mind is that, overall, the differences in terms of service don't vary much. The most important thing is precisely the human factor, without neglecting some features of the application, which are very important.

What we all look for when we use a service like this is finding a driver who is friendly and reliable. In addition, we find a safe and quality car. Waiting time is also important, after all, no one likes to wait long.

In turn, we need to consider how the app works in general terms. It may be that one of the applications performs worse than the other or that its speed is higher than the competition, etc.

About the drivers' cars

To get you an idea of ​​what you will find when you order a car, we will leave you the normal ones that every driver must respect to be part of Didi.

Requirements for DiDi drivers

  • The car must be a four doors and have a capacity of four people leaving the driver aside.
  • This car must be from the 2012 model in then to ensure the safety of the passenger and the driver.
  • I brakes must be ABS, this is extremely important as are the seat belts and the airbag.
  • Private insurance with extensive coverage is another fundamental factor that is required of all drivers who want to work with Didi.

Requirements for Uber drivers

  • The car must be worth $ 200.000.
  • Both mechanically and aesthetically it must be flawless without any kind of defect, however minimal.
  • The vehicle model must be 2007 onwards.
  • This machine must have four doors.

If you think you have met all these requirements, you tried to join the DiDi team but they didn't accept you, it would be good if you look at an article we made recently, where we explain the details to take into account so that they accept you.

As for fares between Uber or DIDI

Didi wants to position itself very strongly in the market and shows that it is betting everything to get it and get a good chunk of Uber. For this, the prices have been adjusted so that are between 6-8% lower than those managed by Uber.

To give you an idea , Uber's minimum fare is $ 40 while Didi's is $ 32,00 (Approximate prices) Therefore, we can conclude that trips to Didi end up being cheaper. If after arriving here, you decide to register in DiDi, in our blog we explain how to do it safely.

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