What is better to work with Uber or DiDi?

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We are talking about applications already known to many, Uber and Didi, which you may have installed on your device. Request a taxi immediately, making payments and managing other details is a simple task. Everyone already knows how to do it, but if you are a racing professional you want to work for one of these platforms? Which of the two should you work with?

Pay attention to the next section of this blog, where we will explain which is better to work for Uber or Didi?

Advantages of working at Uber

Despite the fact that this platform has been around for the longest time, there are some benefits you need to take into consideration. Ultimately, the decision will always be strictly yours, but you will surely want to know what fee Uber charges for each service. This commission covers 25% of the final fare of all trips made. This means that of 100% of the fares you charge for each trip, 75% is the driver.

Something that might catch your attention is knowing that Uber has a program to incentivize each of the drivers who subscribe to the network. This incentive involves earning UBER VIPs, travel on a recurring basis, and other revenue-increasing compensation.

There is nothing better you can get and offer quality service, this is exactly what UBER guarantees. The 25% that the driver has to pay from his own service charges, will be used to make improvements to the application platform, improve technology and manage payments for all drivers who have signed up for the Uber service.

With that in mind, you can start thinking of UBER as an option to work, but now pay attention to the benefits that Didi offers.

Advantages of working in DiDi

Interestingly, the collection fee for Didi's service is only 20%, 5% less than what UBER charges. That is, your earnings at Didi will be higher than working at UBER, not to mention Mexico City, where the rate is only 10%. So, speaking of collection fees, with Didi you will have greater benefits.

You can't escape the fact that Didi is a new platform, this means that here you will simply receive incentives to be with them. This platform is the new, so bonuses, extra money, all kinds of extras for drivers to keep with them.

Another good thing Didi offers you is that you have a phone available so that, as a driver, you can call. That's right, if you have any problems you can make a call and a person will get back to you so you can ask your question. This is a big plus in relation to Uber as what it offers is an email to send your questions.

So which is better, Uber or Didi? It appears that Didi offers greater economic remuneration and greater attention in terms of interface failures. Except that Didi is a new service, we have to see if these advantages it offers are in tune with the quality of the service it offers. If it is so, then it could easily dethrone the powerful in the area of ​​intelligent transportation service, UBER.

Keep checking our topics to learn all the ins and outs of these great transportation apps and you will know Uber is better or Didi will discover all the differences.

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