What if Nokia launches the 2020 N-Gage version?

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With the popularity of video games on mobile phones, there are not a few brands that are trying to sell their gaming devices to us. Smartphones with cutting edge specifications and some additions to make the game a better experience such as a do not disturb mode, cache clearing or performance improvements when starting a game. Examples? The ASUS ROG Phone 2 or the Xiaomi Black Shark 3.

Now, mobile video games aren't something new. Many years ago, before smartphones came into our lives, a major company wanted a mobile phone with an integrated game console. The idea was great, but the execution wasn't all that good. We are talking about the legendary Nokia N-Gage, a console phone that was unsuccessful but undoubtedly laid the foundation for what mobile gaming was to be. Now, was Nokia wrong with this device?

What if Nokia decides to revive its N-Gage in 2020?

A phone that was also a console or a console that was also a phone?

Even though today, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch, there is no renowned handheld console, years ago they were quite common. Obviously Nintendo has always been the clear leader in this market since he launched his legendary Game Boy, no one has been able to match his success.

Back in 2003, when almost all video game enthusiasts had a Game Boy Advanced in our homes, Nokia, which at the time was one of the most renowned telephone companies, decided to launch a rival for that console on the market. The N-Cage was a technically superior product to the Game Boy and for to end we could text and call on the phone, but the truth is, it ultimately happened without pain or glory.

Not only did its price, which was much higher than the Nintendo console, not help its success at all, it wasn't the most comfortable platform to play with either thanks to the impractical button placement. Obviously we cannot forget that Were Nintendo games of much higher quality than those released for the Nokia phone?

Now, was Nokia wrong to launch its N-Gage in 2003? The idea wasn't bad and portable consoles were booming. However, the mobile phone audience was not the same as it is today. At that time, few teenagers had a terminal, and those who did did not use these products to play games. Obviously nothing to do with what we find today.

Today almost everyone has a smartphone, young or old. And unlike years ago, cell phones are used for almost everything except making calls. Social networking, surfing the internet, watching series and of course playing video games. So we ask ourselves, and if Nokia had launched N-Gage today? Well, it may not have been as bad as it was at the time. There are more and more fans of mobile games and the fact that there are gaming phones confirms this.

Nokia has failed with its N-Cage phone, but it has certainly laid the foundation stone. Surely if it wasn't for this device, mobile games would not be the way they are today.

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