What if Google entrusted its famous Nexus 5 for $ 399?

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Just a few days ago, Apple presented its "new" iPhone SE. We put it in quotes because after all it's still an old iPhone 8 with a next-generation processor and priced at just $ 399. Obviously the controversy came immediately and is that after every move Apple makes, no matter what it is, there is a legion of haters who criticize them behind it.

It is true that the design of this new iPhone SE can be quite questionable, not only because of its large bezels and its 4,7-inch screen, but also because the Cupertino company has spent years praising the current design of the its terminals from iPhone X to return now to the old design with the touch ID. However, I wonder, what's wrong with recycling an old design? What if instead of Apple it was Google itself that launched a Nexus 5 with Snapdragon 865 processor and 8 GB of RAM for just $ 399? As the meme says, "shut up and take my money."

My kingdom for a next generation Google Nexus 5

It's true that a few years ago Google ditched the Nexus nomenclature to focus on its new Pixel devices. While both ranges would currently share whether similar features coexist, such as the fact that it was Google that was behind them and that they were the best supported phones on the market, the Nexus and the Pixel would have an essential difference. While the former aimed at a really attractive price for the hardware with which they came out on the market, with the Google Pixel the big G it was decided to focus exclusively on the high-end market, at least until the arrival of the Pixels. 3a.

And honestly there was a Nexus phone that I fell in love with more than any other. Not only for its ideal size, but also for its looks and performance. I'm talking about the Google Nexus 5. It is true that the 8 megapixel camera of the Google phone created with LG left a lot to be desired at the time and that its 2.300 mAh battery was something right. It is also true that many have criticized the plastic with which it was made - even if I honestly loved it -.

But it is that the user experience of the Nexus was something indescribable. Everything worked perfectly and since the hardware that had the terminal (Snapdragon 800 processor and 2/3 GB of RAM) worked wonders together with pure Android. All this without forgetting its 4,95-inch (almost 71% of the front bezel) IPS screen with 1080 x 1920 resolution. A marvel as a whole.

Now let's imagine as Marques Brownlee says that Google decides to launch a new compact Pixel, with the same chassis as the Nexus 5 but with new generation hardware like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 8 GB of RAM and years of guaranteed updates. All this for the same price as the iPhone SE, which is around $ 400. I'm sure few Android users would buy this device with their eyes closed.

Unfortunately this will never happen. First, since Google doesn't have the same edge as Apple for this type of experiment, it's not in vain that the Pixel's market share has nothing to do with that of the iPhone. Secondly, because Android companies have been ditching the small screen segment for years and we doubt any Android brand will release a compact phone again, especially now that Apple dominates this market. Finally, because in a market where Xiaomi and OnePlus also launch 1.000 euro phones, who would dare to launch a Snapdragon 865 processor phone for $ 400? Nobody.

And it is that Apple no longer lives on hardware alone. The Cupertino company can risk launching a terminal with these characteristics because it knows that it earns a lot with its services. iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade or Apple TV generate great benefits for the company and are aware that the user who has decided to buy the new iPhone SE will end up paying for one of their subscriptions or better yet, completely entering its ecosystem by acquiring new Apple devices such as iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook. And it is already known, once you enter the Apple sect it is quite difficult to get out of it.

Be that as it may, I will not deny it. I would like Google to revive its legendary Nexus 5.

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