What happens if I uninstall Facebok Messenger?

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Today we can to communicate with whom we want where we are thanks to the currently existing social networks. And above all, we can do it however we want. It all depends on our mood or even if we just want to have a pleasant conversation while watching a movie or doing other things.

This is why mobile devices are so important. And with this in mind is that the different messaging services that we have available in the market are created.

Each of these instant messaging services is based on something in particular or works in particular ways. Many prefer to use Telegram, while many others prefer to use WhatsApp. But generally they are all active in a common instant messenger, and it is Facebook Messenger. So if you have one and want to uninstall it, what happens? Check out the answers below.

What you need to know about Facebook Messenger

We can all get to write through you different applications a according to the tastes of each person. However, we all have access to social media. In general, and specifically, most people have a Facebook profile through which they can be contacted and how not to have it?

Facebook is a social network that has everything you can look for in a social network, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that we can find almost anyone there.

Now, it is one thing to be able to interact with the multimedia content that people post on Facebook, and another totally different one is being able to contact someone directly via Facebook. To be able to do it privately and personally, there is Facebook Messenger, Messenger's instant messaging service.

This instant messaging service is directly connected to your Facebook, so the messages you will see through your Facebook profile on a computer they will be the same as you will see in the application.

Plus, it's pretty simple to use and you can run into any business on yours phone and talk to someone directly through chat bubbles without having to close what you have open. It really is something that allows you to easily talk to people.

But what happens when you no longer want to talk to other people or want to deactivate Facebook Messenger? Is there any kind of repercussion? Have the messages you sent or the conversations you had been deleted?

What happens when you uninstall Facebook Messenger

The biggest fear of many people who download the Facebook Messenger application on their mobile phone is that the conversations they have in the application can be deleted once it is uninstalled. But in reality, you don't have to worry about that. Therefore, Facebook conversations Messenger remain in the cloud of Facebook, on the site as such.

That is why if you log into Facebook via a computer you will be able to see all the conversations you have had through the application.

Once uninstalled the application you will not lose anything in particular, only that you will not be able to access these chats via your mobile. Previously you could do this via a browser by logging in as if you were doing it on a computer, but for a while you can only do it via the application.

So don't worry and take it lightly, because if you want to interact with Facebook chats again, you can always re-download Facebook Messenger.

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