What eBook formats are supported by Amazon Kindle? Can they be read on the eReader?

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The world of reading has seen one of its greatest advances with the emergence of electronic books. Understanding this trend, let's try to answer the following questions: What eBook formats are compatible with the Amazon Kindle? Can they be read on the eReader?

The passion for reading is one of the best habits a person can have, no matter if it is on paper or through a screen, because with reading you will always cultivate your mind.

With the Kindle type readers you can read your favorite literary works at any time. Also, you can use Amazon Kindle to convert text to speech in Spanish, but before using all these features it is advisable to know the formats available for your device.

What is Kindle?

With the passage of time, new technologies have emerged for all types of use, before this also for lovers of reading, the so-called E-books or electronic books, likewise there are eReaders.

EReaders or electronic book readers are devices designed exclusively for reading E-book, being one of the most recommended tools for all lovers of literature, who will find in these devices an escape from their passions.

Kindle is Amazon's proposal for the world of reading di eBook, this product has become very popular in recent years, being highly recommended for those who love literature, since Kindle also allows you to easily share books. In any case, there may be some doubts among new users.

Although the product is very comprehensive, a few questions arise, one of which concerns the formats supported by the device. Are you wondering what the formats supported by Amazon Kindle? Here we have the answers you need.

What eBook formats are supported by Amazon Kindle? Can they be read on the eReader?

The book reader Amazon Kindle it is compatible with many formats, but knowing them in detail is recommended if you intend to use the device constantly. The following are the formats supported by the Kindle book reader


The AZW format is a format created by Amazon specifically for its book reading devices, Amazon Kindle. The format is now considered a old version of AZW3, being available in the company's old devices.


It is one of the proprietary formats of the Amazon company, this format was conceived and designed precisely for Kindle devices. It performs its function as a specific format for these electronic book reading devices.


For open formats of e-books we have the MOBI format, a name that refers to Mobipocket E-book. This format is the free option for publishing and reading books in electronic format. Please note that the device will only read books in MOBI format that do not have DRM protection.


The PDF format is very popular, is used by multiple organizations and has also been used for e-books. While not your main base, you will occasionally find an e-book in this universal format. It's a very versatile format which can be used on cell phones, computers and e-book readers.

Remember that you can also convert a PDF document into Kindle, that is, in the official formats of the platform, in this way you can read your favorite titles more comfortably.


On the other hand we have the PRC format, which can also be seen in other devices of different brands. Kindle also integrates support for this format, in any case it only reads books without DRM protection.


The TXT format is present in multiple devices, from computers to mobile phones and of course it is also compatible with readers such as Kindle. This format is recognized for its simplicity, which is why it's not used very frequently, but if you have a file in this format, it can easily be read on your Kindle as well.

Now that you know the most common formats of this reading tool, we invite you to know the dimensions of Kindle books. This is something you should be aware of especially if you are running out of space on your device.

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