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If a company designs and develops a platform like Uber's, it's not simply a way to bring people together supply and demand. But if you also include the market standards necessary for that platform to function properly and sustainably, it will create a formidable industry. But have you ever asked what the word UBER means? Well, we will let you know its meaning.

Origin of the word Uber

The firstborn name was ÜberCab, which includes the diacritical mark above the u, known as umlaut. Where the word über in German means above, but when used as a prefix, attached to a word, its meaning changes to super. While the word Cab means taxi in English. Specifically, this was the incredible and revolutionary idea of ​​the creators of this system, to be able to offer their customers a super taxi.

Although umlauts are part of the word, at the behest of the practice, which the Internet requires, they were later eliminated. The name that has been used for a short time prior to its resounding success it was UberCab. And over time, the advancement of the system has consolidated the clear intention that the company was not exclusively linked to the taxi service. Therefore, the owners of the brand decided to remove the word Cab, so it was finally Uber, as we know it today.

This great company has completely changed the concept of transportation, providing innovation, comfort and speed in their transfers. Even for the partner driver or Uber user, Uber offers a help center on its page to solve any kind of problem.

Uber and its impact on the market today

  • Uber is undoubtedly one of most extraordinary companies of recent times for his way of understanding innovation and technological evolution. Because, its extraordinary, striking and sophisticated name is the perfect complement to such a thriving company, which provides the best in private transportation service.
  • The secret is to understand that Uber is not a transport company, but a company tecnologica. Transport companies can act by thinking locally. Design schemes that allow them to simply size their fleets according to the needs of a certain market. Also, trying to balance prices with costs in each market they operate in.
  • Tech companies like Uber are inherently global, because their product developments require global markets to be valued. In this way they can transfer their entire development economy to an international market with a high probability of success.
  • It should be noted that Uber can reinvent itself on a daily basis by always offering the best services thanks to its incredible technology platform. Also, along with his amazing name which has been maintained over the years as a super company, ennobling its name at all times.

Meaning of Uber in a general context

Note that the name of Uber consists of four letters, being relatively short, compared to other company names which are usually not that flashy. This company has structured an incredible name from the beginning, which together with its other qualities solidify it as a sober and successful company.

Uber undoubtedly stands out for the simplicity with which its service works thanks to its exclusivity Uber mobile application is to Android and iPhone systems. Therefore the customer has the opportunity to see which Uber car is closest to his home. So you can request it without having to go down the street or having to wait for it to appear.

In conclusion, Uber over the years it means triumph having become a reference company in the transport sector. Being strongly supported by a group of users who are increasingly convinced of the advantages offered by this business model based on its APP. Register as a user on their website and enjoy all their services.

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