What does the 'sensitive content' warning mean on Instagram? – Here the answer

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And it is through a great variety of applications that have made it possible, among which the sending of instant messages, calls, video calls via WhatsApp; watch or download videos, music or movies via YouTube.

The Facebook network conglomerate that allows you to simply communicate with a large number of contacts around the world to make a video conference; but this time we will talk about Instagram.

What is Instagram?

È an application that will allow you to share your photos, the yours video with your family, your friends from your mobile device, Tablet or from your personal computer; This application was created on October 6, 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, but currently its owner is Facebook and WhatsApp. It is considered to be the best network for sending messages, though there are other similar apps that are of great help. 

Instagram could be compared to a photo album, but virtual, which in addition to allowing you to upload your photos, your videos on your profile and in addition to adding a comment, you can publish your live stories, and every publication you do in the last 24 hours, for that, make the most of it!

Instagram will help you! As? When it streams your Stories live, it will notify your followers of the broadcast via a notification, so take advantage of it! Advertise the your business, promote your talent from there, if you are a musician, chef, artist, you just have to create a good feed profile in order to awaken the curiosity and interest of your future followers.

But you have to be careful what you post, in fact many use a method to keep their audience always active with scheduled publications, for the well-being of your followers, as many of them can be very sensitive to certain content, but it may not be your case, like that of many users who prefer content under a tent.

That is, for certain photographs or even videos of unwanted content or as Instagram calls them «sensitive content», but for your safety we want to advertise. What kind of sensitive content is Instagram referring to?

What does the sensitive content warning mean?

Refers to the content that will publish dual data authentication users, these publications will show a kind of curtain on videos or photographs of sensitive content such as nudity among others.

When Instagram refers to "sensitive content" within the profile or the main section of Instagram, as well as some users have reported this publication and that, having been verified by Instagram, it has been confirmed that the video or image is sensitive content.

While this doesn't violate Instagram's regulations, we don't want you to be surprised, we want you to be aware of what may or may be posted in any time, and especially for the well-being of the family, especially for the little ones in the house, who are the most vulnerable and who can be easy prey for any active pedophile or we are simply very sensitive people to certain images or videos.

For those people who want to see this type of content covered with a veil, where some nude pictures covered with a blur are shown, it is just click on the image or on another and that's it!

You can view it. Instagram already has 400 million users with this dual authentication option, if it is your desire to create an account with double authentication, just go to the toolbar icon located in your profile and select two-step authentication.

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