What does the green dot mean on Tinder?

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From time to time, the Tinder dating application adds some things that can generate more than a few surprises, confusions or doubts to its users and one of them is a mysterious green dot that accompanies Tinder profiles. Well, in this article titled: What does the green dot mean on Tinder, we will explain in a simple and clear way everything that the green dot on Tinder means and that way, when they see it again on Tinder, they will be clear about its meaning and they can use it to their advantage so as to increase their chances of interaction and success on Tinder.

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What does the green dot mean in Tinder [Clarification]

If you've been using Tinder lately, you'll notice that when you're scrolling through profiles, a green dot appears under their name and age, accompanied by text that says: «Recently active» and the same thing appears in the first profile of i «Messages» in Tinder that indicate who likes you.

Well, what the green dot on Tinder basically means is that the user behind that profile has recently been connected to Tinder and it is very likely that this person is much more attentive or aware of this dating application than other people or users.

This is what the green dot on Tinder itself means and while the time since that person's last connection or activity on Tinder is a mystery, it is somewhat advised to take advantage of it for the following reasons.

Take advantage of this green dot

The green dot on Tinder profiles shouldn't be missing if you're looking to meet people on Tinder for these simple reasons.

1.- These profiles that have the green dot, have a greater willingness to interact than users who are not used to or active in this dating application, something valuable since some matches unfortunately do not respond to the first message on Tinder for a few reason or not stay tuned for this app.

2.- These people behind these profiles who have a green dot on Tinder have more activity and therefore, if you put a » me like it » to their profile it is very likely due to their activity that their profile appears to them at times to swipe profiles and get the liked match on Tinder.

So, this is how they can leverage this detail that many may overlook or as something that doesn't have much value, but the truth has added value and appears on Tinder for a reason. This is what the green dot on Tinder means and what you can get from it, take advantage of it.

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