What does the eye icon mean on my Huawei phone? How to disable the Huawei eye

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In this post we will explain what does the eye mean on your Huawei mobile? And how can you turn on and off the eye icon on Huawei?

What is the eye in Huawei's notification bar?

Currently, mobile devices are widely used for reading news and books, watching movies and series, check social networks, use WhatsApp and use other applications. However, spending many hours a day looking at our device's LED screen can be harmful to our eyes.

For this reason, the company Huawei has incorporated new options into Android without Google's support in its devices, a new one function known as reading mode (in some devices it can say night mode or visual rest); this function is represented by an eye icon.

This function is for filter the blue light from the screen into so that it has a warmer hue. So when you activate the reading mode, the brightness and tone of the screen will be less aggressive for the eyes; in order to reduce visual fatigue caused by using the mobile phone for long hours.

Smart Stay su Huawei

The Smart Stay method in our Huawei mobile means that the device is capable of detect if a person is viewing the screen and if not, the same system will be in charge of setting the battery saving mode because many areas of the screen will not consume power. This also helps protect your eyes from the negative effects of LED displays on electronic devices.

Visual rest

One of the great advantages this system represents for us is that  rest our eyes, so that if you read a book, watch a series or use an application for a long time, you will not have visual fatigue and will be able to read more comfortably. It is also ideal for when checking your mobile at night or in places with little light.

As you may have noticed, the using Huawei's eye option it is very useful and beneficial. But if you want to update your phone's software to the latest version, don't worry, it also includes the eye icon.

How to turn on and off the blinking eye of the Huawei top bar

Activating and deactivating the blinking eye on the top bar of our Huawei phone is very simple. So what you need to do to get it is slide your finger to the side top of the screen to bring up the menu where, at the same time, other customization options appear.

Next, you need to look for Huawei's eye and press on it to activate or deactivate the function ; If you notice that the color of the icon changes from blue to gray, it is because the changes are saved without any problem. Now you can decide when to appeal for the benefits this icon feature offers to users when reading on their mobile.

How to activate and deactivate Eye Rest or Night Mode on Huawei

There are two ways to enable and disable the eye icon (reading mode) on your Huawei device. One of them and the simplest, is from the same settings as the mobile phone, while the other can be done from the main menu, here we will explain how to do it both ways.

From the configuration settings

  1. Go to the menu "Settings" of your device, this option is represented by a cogwheel icon.
  2. Then a list with different options will appear, you need to click on the option "Screen".
  3. A new list of options will appear, in which you need to select "Reading mode" (night mode or visual rest for some devices).
  4. When a new tab opens, you will be able to see the 'reading mode' option and on the right side of that option you will see a toggle.
  5. activate reading mode you need to move the switch to the right; when this option is active the switch turns blue. But, if what you want is to turn off the reading mode, move the switch to the left.
  6. On the same screen you can also configure or schedule the time you want this feature to be turned on and off every day. This option is ideal to avoid having to manually activate reading mode.

From the main menu

  1. Scroll to il bass from the top edge of the screen.
  2. Then a menu will appear.
  3. Look in that menu for icona dell'occhio Huawei. If you don't see that icon in the menu that just appeared, you have to press the pencil icon to bring up more options.
  4.  Click the eye icon for activate this feature, you will know it is active because the icon changes from gray to blue.
  5. To deactivate this function, click the icon again and it will turn gray to indicate that it is disabled.

The reading mode function is designed to provide eye relief when the mobile device is used for long hours. But if you notice that downloading so many options on your smartphone makes it slow, you can also reset or hard reset your phone to restore it to factory settings. If that's the case for you, take advantage of these wonderful options that Huawei has incorporated in his devices.

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