What does the blue star on Tinder mean?

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Certainly, there are many people who have recently started using Tinder and have had more than one doubt about the different options or icons that this application has to be able to meet people and flirt. Well, in the following article: what does the blue star mean on tinder, we will give an answer to what the blue star on Tinder clearly means so that they know how to use it perfectly and understand what the blue star means next to the name on Tinder or in a Tinder profile and thus take advantage of the blue or blue Tinder star.

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What does the blue star mean on Tinder | CLARIFICATION

The famous blue star of Tinder is one of the most interesting and desired resources available to each Tinder user in order to be able to achieve the appetizing match with greater success or luck than a simple and deadly » like » (Like) .

Now, and in Tinder terminology, the blue star (I see it blue) has been the famous » Super like » on Tinder and in fact, all users can give it to one or more people on Tinder who have powerfully captured their attention in time to swipe profiles and of course any user is also at the mercy of receiving this Super Like on Tinder .

Note No. 1: By the way, all Tinder users will be able to send one free Super Like (blue star) per day. Now, users who have Tinder Gold or Plus will be able to give and give five Super Likes a day but also, and if guaranteed, they can buy additional Super Likes that don't expire and which they can use whenever they want.

How to get super likes on Tinder

To give a Super Like on Tinder, all you have to do is move the profile you are interested in up or, if you prefer, you can press the blue star under the profile photo of the user you love.

How will they know that I gave them a Super Like or that they gave me a Super Like

Surely many will have this pair of tasty doubts. Let's see, the person who really liked you on Tinder the moment you scroll through the profiles will come across yours and so here you can see that your profile stands out from the others by having a bright blue footer and a star icon telling you it gives you understand so, your suggestive interest that has aroused them and that if they swipe right they can have a match with you.

In the same way, when scrolling through the profiles, you or the luckiest ones will be able to notice that a profile has this blue footer as well as the star icon and from this, you will be able to understand that it is a Super Like that have been given and will be able to check that »invite» and give respective match by swiping the profile to the right… So, having said that, be very careful when swiping profiles on Tinder.

What does the blue star next to my name on Tinder mean?

Among other doubts, it highlights those who want to know what does the blue star next to their name mean on Tinder. Well, the blue star next to the name on Tinder simply means that that person is the one who gave you a Super Like and having a match with you, your profile stands out with this blue star compared to other users who have in the Messages section .

In the first picture, a new match appears where the blue star appears in the profile, and in the second picture, the star appears next to the name in the Tinder message box.

What does the blue star on a Tinder profile mean?

In this way, that user with whom they have matched stands out clearly from other people and they will be able to pay more attention to your conversation since they really have a greater interest or willingness to get to know you and this is worth a lot…

And if you gave that Super Like and had the match with a person on Tinder, you will equally stand out in that person's message section and be able to attract more attention and it would be a good incentive to be able to flirt on Tinder, take advantage of it well.

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With this article, you have already clarified what the blue star on Tinder means correctly and what the blue star next to the name means on Tinder. In this way and making it clear, they will be able to use the blue star when they really need it and they will not miss it or those Super Likes they have been given, good luck.

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