What does the acronym TBT mean in social networks and what is it for?

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In our daily life, acronyms are often used to mention concepts consisting of several words; on Twitter it is very common express things faster. On this, today you will know what the initials TBT mean in social networks and what it is for.

What are acronyms and what are they used for on social media?

The acronyms are short words that are formed by joining several abbreviations, where each letter represents the beginning or beginning of a word. The set or union of letters in an acronym implies a name or expression, which has a specific meaning.

To better understand the acronyms, we can cite some cases. For example, FIFA it is the result of the union of the initials of the French words, “Fédération Internationale de Football Association”; since this organization was founded in Zurich, Switzerland. Another example could be the LED, which derives from the English words "Light Emitting Diode".

In addition to the names of the organizations, there are acronyms for pronouncing a sentence. The acronym TQM of Spanish origin means "I love you so much". The use of acronyms in social networks has become popular with Twitter; because this platform only allowed up to 140 characters per message.

Thus, over time, typical acronyms of social networks. Like FB which stands for “Facebook”, RT which comes from the word “Retweet”, DM which stands for “Direct Message”, or PM which stands for “Private Message”.

What is a social media hashtag?

What are hashtags and what are they for? Sometimes it might be confused with an acronym, as they can be the same; but others are the product of the union of 2 or more normal words. Its origin comes from social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, among others.

The hashtags begin always with a pound sign (#), followed by 1 or more words that cannot be separated by whitespace. For example #travelphotography, which combines the English words Travel and Photography.

This hashtag refers to photographs taken while traveling. And like hashtags, they are a type of link that groups common conversations or posts on the same topic; which in this case shows all publications that contain that type of photo or content when clicked.

This hashtag quality is widely used on social networks; to do digital marketing campaigns. So long as you can promote a product or service with a hashtag that identifies it; like #burgerking, which will group all the comments on the brand.

What does the acronym TBT mean in social networks and what is it for?

Now that we know what an acronym and a hashtag are, we can find out what the initials TBT mean in social networks. This acronym has an English origin from parole «Throw Back Thursday» ; its meaning in Spanish would be something like Thursday to remember.

These acronyms are used in the most used social networks in the world, such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram; refer to tweets or posts of old anecdotes. Reason why #TBT, is a hashtag that is used on Thursdays, to make nostalgic posts and remember the old days.

Knowing these details about the massively used hashtag, it is an advantage for making an advertising profit from social networks. Another example is FF, which combines the words Follow and Friday; their hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday is used to recommend following new users on Fridays.

For example, it is possible to automatically generate hashtags for Instagram on Android; That is saves time and effort in the publication of marketing campaigns. One of the many marketing tricks used to sell more in business.

In conclusion, the initials TBT, as well as many other hashtag acronyms, they will help you function better on social networks. Since, you will know in advance what they mean, what they are for and up to the right time to use them.

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