What does it mean to be active on Facebook Messenger?

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Another thing that catches our attention when we enter the app is the active status of our friends. However, do you know exactly what it means to be active on Facebook Messenger? 

If you are one of the users who still does not know what the status means active in Messenger, then you are in the ideal place. Because here we will explain the true meaning of the active state. So we invite you to take a look at this post.

What does it mean to be active in the Facebook chat?

The term being active in a social network or application has been widely used in recent times. And without a doubt, Messenger is one of the applications where this phrase is mentioned the most. Since this Whatsapp definitely has this function.

When the term is mentioned, being Active in this social network, it refers to that person currently logged in and the navigation is Messenger. Likewise, the focus is what lets your friends see if you are online or if you have been recently.

That is, when you activate the focus in Messenger, other users can verify that you are online, as a green dot appears to them, indicating that you are online.

However, if you activate this option in your application but you are not logged in, the others users will be able to see your last connection. Because next to your profile photo, indicate how much time has passed since you were logged out.

Also, it's important to note that focus is an option included in Messenger. But you can turn it on or off when you want.

Why am I active on Facebook when I'm not?

It may happen that although we are not usually inside the Facebook application all day or we simply have the application open but only enter once a day, we seem connected as if we were spending 24 hours a day inside the platform.

This can be a disadvantage in some aspects of our life, especially in the work or social aspect, as they may think that we are ignoring the people who write to us or that we are simply lazy and waste all our time when in reality we are not ..

If it has brought us problems that we seem connected on Facebook most of the time or all day, it is ideal that we find a solution to this in order to avoid problems in the future.

The first thing is identify why we seem connected when in fact we are not, this can be for many reasons, so it is important to check and discard options.

Chat bubbles

One of the reasons this could happen to us is because of of the Chat Bubbles of the Messenger application, because if we have this function activated, at any time of the day we will receive a notification from any friend who has written to us.

The mistake we would make is that instead of removing the chat bubble, we leave it there and forget that exists, so if you are one who usually writes to them on Facebook and leaves bubble notifications instead of closing them, this could be one of the reasons why we appear online.

To put an end to this, we need to go to the Facebook Messenger application, then we will click on our profile photo, this will take us to the application settings, then in the Profile section, there is an option called 'Active state'.

We need to check if this option has a "Yes", if so, we need to enter this option, inside there will be an option called " Show when I'm active ", if we deactivate this option even when we are inside the Facebook Messenger application or simply Facebook, we will be disconnected, if it is convenient we can deactivate it.

Then in the preferences section, within the list of functions, we will find a call "Chat Bubbles" if this option is activated, la we will deactivate, therefore we will not receive chat bubbles telling us that we are connected.

Active Sessions

In case you have started a Facebook session on your computer and forgot to close it, this might be more than enough to make us appear connected, provided that in the browser you are using if you have multiple cards and among these there is the Facebook Card this condition will be met.

The same goes for our phone, if we have our Facebook account open in the web browser or in the Facebook application itself, this can make us appear online.

It could also be that even though you have closed both sessions on both your computer and your phone, but you have inadvertently left an open session on a friend's computer or elsewhere.

This is why it is important not to leave active sessions of our Facebook account, not only because we seem connected, but also because our Facebook profile should only be used by us, to leave an active session is to give someone unknown the opportunity to check our profile.

To close the active Facebook sessions we have to go to the general settings of the application, then go to the Security sections, then we will find an option called » Where are you logged in. "

Already within this section we will see which are the active sessions of our account, it could be likely that we have some sessions, therefore we will proceed to close each of them.

Once each of the current sessions is closed, likewise we recommend that you change your password, not only do we prevent someone where we have had our section active from saving our password data, but this way when you change your password you will never be able to log into our account again.


Last but not least, Facebook has a feature called Calendar of events, it will be available if we give it permission to sync with our phone calendar.

This can be good in a way since you can get notifications like your friends' birthdays as well as being able to see if your friends are interested in attending certain events or even an invitation from your friends.

But unfortunately having this option enabled will make you appear connected as well on Facebook even if you are not using the application, so if appearing connected is something that hurts you, it is better not to have the Event Calendar feature activated.

Fortunately for us, deactivating the calendar of events is easy, just go to "Manage calendars" and then uncheck the option that says "Facebook account".

What happens if I turn off Facebook Messenger's Active status?

If you disable this option, you will not appear automatically connected to any of your friends, even if you really are. Also, you won't be able to see if any of them are online or the last time they were. That is, you will not have access to this information until you reactivate the Active status.

On the other hand, this also brings its advantages since other users will not be able to know if you are available. Also, if you wish, you can avoid conversations or simply hide that you are browsing this network.

How do I activate and deactivate the Active status of Facebook Messenger?

If you want to activate or deactivate the active mode of Facebook Messenger, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Messenger application, if you have already downloaded and installed it.
  • Do click on your profile picture to access your account settings or settings.
  • Once there, click "Active" status  and you can turn it on or off immediately.
  • As you can see, the procedure is really very simple and will not take time.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Active Status

Activating this alternative in this social network is not just a very procedure simple, but it also offers some advantages, especially to those users who use it frequently.

A major benefit is that your friends will be able to notice that you are connecting or have recently been connecting. Likewise, you will be able to know which people are online or the time elapsed since they were last online.

But that's not all, as through it, you are more likely to establish one conversazione with your Facebook friends. Because if they notice that you are active, they are more likely to write to them.

Either way, Facebook focus has its pros and cons, but luckily you can choose whether to keep it active or deactivate it and appear offline. There are also people who don't show their latest connection.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you, however, we would like to know your opinion Do you think the active mode of Facebook Messenger is important? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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