What does Discord mean and what can be done with it?

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What is discord?

Discord is a program specially designed for the community of gamers, as it is a frequent means of communication for video game users. In fact, it's considered by many people to be the Skype of gamers. Through this program, players can communicate via private servers, allowing them to send messages or talk to other people.

Over the years, Discord's popularity has grown, reaching approx 250 millions of active users. Proving that this platform is more than a video game application. Mainly, taking into account that the operation of this app is similar to that of WhatsApp, since it allows us to carry out different activities within it.

That's right, Discord is one free chat, especially for gamers. With which people can communicate by text or voice. You can also download this application to your smartphone or PC. Likewise, it is a more intuitive and faster platform, which facilitates communication.

How does Discord work and what can you do with it?

Why use Discord instead of another app? Although the operation of this platform is similar to the WhatsApp application, however, unlike this app, in Discord it is necessary create an account. Once registered, you can enjoy this program both from your browser and you can also download the application to your computer or mobile device.

It is important to keep in mind that the application has several options of Customization, therefore, if you want to create or manage a server, it is recommended that you download it, although sometimes you may not be able to install Discord.

On the other hand, when it comes to chatting with friends while playing, Discord is the best option. Since which does not require additional installations to start using it and also offers simple controls. But that's not all, because we can also create groups, where large groups can be managed. This is a big plus for the users of this platform.

It should be noted that currently, this software is supported by a dozen or so data centers around the world, offering a service a low latency. Reaching in this way, to be as optimal as possible for the consumers of the same.

Is Discord an app for gamers only?

It should be noted that, although this tool has generally been designed for gamer users, it's not really that it can only be used for this purpose. Since it can be used like any other platform, for example Skype. Taking into account that the operation is almost the same.

However, it has become popular and has become a very useful tool for players, because it offers them great support while playing. As most PC games require and consume a large amount of resources, therefore, you need to opt for a low cost app.

Based on this, Discord is ideal, as it has a low latency service, facilitates also the comunication vocal and textual. And best of all, this doesn't hurt your game, as it will likewise work as usual, without being slow.

It also has additional premium versions, which offer other tools or features, such as animated avatars, emojis, faster file upload speeds, among others. However, the free option is very efficient.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Do you think Discord is a good app? Do you know how to use Discord from PC browser? , Leave us your answers in the comments.

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