What do the internet connection symbols on my mobile mean?

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Phones are very useful devices not only because we can make calls but also because they allow us to use and give mobiles when we want to connect to the Internet. In this sense, have you ever wondered what the symbols of the internet connection on my mobile? This article clears up your doubts about it.

What do the internet connection symbols on my mobile mean?

When we connect to the internet via our mobile phone, data is sent and received. The top of the device (notification bar) shows symbols indicating the type of technology you are using.

It also refers to the signal that the phone must generate the connection. You should know what mobile data is and how this important option available on smartphones works.

Mobile data

Mobile data refers to the amount of data that is uploaded and downloaded to your phone so that an internet connection is available. You can configure this feature according to your needs and manage data consumption so as to avoid high costs.

What do the common internet connection symbols of mobile phones mean? Which ones are they?

Before starting, it is important that you know how to turn mobile data on or off, in order to reduce consumption overall and use your data only when you need it.

Below we will show you the most common internet connection symbols so that you can correctly identify the type of network and connection speed your device adopts.

Red G

The G o GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) belongs to the second generation. It is considered one of the slower. If you have this symbol on your phone you can only send text messages because the download goes up to 114 Kbit / s.

Network E

Network E or Edge (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) is an advanced version of G (GPRS). Edge is between the second and third generation (2.5G)

When the E symbol appears in the notification bar, the connection is not very good, although after a long wait you can see light websites. Network E can achieve an average download of 400 Kbit/s.

3G network

The 3G network called UMTS or third generation network is used for the use of multimedia content that require a high-speed connection. With this symbol on your phone you can display simple websites with a few elements. The download can vary between 384 Kbps and 7,2 Mbps.

While not the current standard, this type of network could bring about significant changes (and all others too). That said, it is important to know which applications consume the most data, in order to limit and save it.

Red H.

The H network or HSPA (High Speed ​​Packet Access) is a technology that allows you to access social networks, watch videos and make small downloads. It is considered a 3G + connection; this means that it is in the middle level of 3G connections. The download speed it can go up to 14,4 Mbps.

Red H +

The evolved network H+ o HSPA offers improvements in terms of data download and upload speed. It allows you to view websites smoothly and, under optimal conditions, could achieve download speeds of up to 672 Mbps.

4G network

4G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) network is a fourth generation technology considered the faster than mobile broadband. With this network you can listen to music, watch videos and visit social networks without any problems. The download speed of this technology can reach up to 1,9 Gbps.

This type of network can involve considerable costs, so it is advisable to set up a data consumption limit on your mobile phone, so as not to spend it so quickly.

Other internet connection symbols you should know about

In addition to the symbols referring to the type of network available, it is also possible to identify the signal quality. This symbol is above the icon that represents the type of connection. The signal quality indicates the strength of the connection which can be zero, low, medium, good or optimal.

Another important indicator is the two arrows which are located right next to the letter that identifies the type of connection. This symbol indicates whether data uploading and downloading takes place while the Internet connection is active.

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