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What you need to be an Uber driver partner

  • Compulsory documentation

To join the UBER driver association, you will only need one driver's license valid, a document of auto insurance (for when you want to drive your car), a document that certifies your residence in the city, province or state in which you reside. As well as a profile photo of your driving companion, that is, frontal and that you do not appear with glasses or with the upper part of the shoulders. A viable option is to use your driver's license photo.

  • Minimum requirements

Anyone who has one year of driving experience, has a driving license and has the minimum driving age required in their city, can to drive easily with the UBER app.

  • Requirements for the car

If you are planning to work at UBER with your car, you should know that it must also meet a specific set of guidelines. Your car must have 4 doors, air conditioning, have interior space for at least 4 passengers with their respective seat belts and, your car must be a maximum of 10 years old.

  • Certification

You must complete your certification online, which will assess your driving skills, criminal record, criminal record and includes a psychometric test.

Also, if you've already completed this certification to work with Uber but don't know if they've accepted you, you may be interested in knowing if you've passed the Uber certification exam.

In any case, if you have any doubts about the requirements requested by Uber, you can consult the requirements requested by Uber directly on its website.

What you need to be an Uber delivery partner

If you wish, you can be a food delivery man for UBER Eats and for them you will need some very simple and easy to fulfill requirements:

  • be of age

To be a UBER Eats delivery partner in your city, it is very important that you already have 18 years.

  • Have your own vehicle or means of transport

This means that you must have a bicycle, a car or a motorcycle, and regardless of the vehicle, it must have an official CURP identification. For cars and motorcycles it is necessary to be in possession of the registration certificate and driving license, both valid documents.

  • Having a Smartphone

In this, you have to download the special delivery partner app as well you can register from there.

  • Bank account

You must have a active bank account, where you will be paid monthly for the delivery services you perform on behalf of UBER Eats.

You also have to keep in mind that working as partners delivery, you will have many contacts with the public, which is decisive at the time of your stay as a delivery partner, as they evaluate and qualify you. Remember to always be polite, punctual and responsible, so you you will distinguish at work.

If you still have questions to answer about being a courier, you can get more detailed information on how to be an Uber courier.

Advantages of working as an Uber partner

Regardless of whether you choose to be an UBER driver partner or a UBER Eats delivery partner, the benefits are the same: you will be your own boss, you can create your own program according to your needs, you can choose your vehicles and what interests you most, is that you can easily generate more profits. UBER maintains only the 25% what their driving partners do e UBER Eats retains 35% of the their delivery partner, the rest is for them, so don't waste your time and sign up to work as a delivery boy.

In summary, what you need to partner with UBER is the desire to do so, as i formal requisites required from this platform they are so easy to satisfy that you can enter without complications.

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