What do I need to be DiDi or to work in DiDi?

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Requirements to work in DiDi

To begin with, it is important to know that only registered users of the DiDi application can become driving partners. Download the app DiDi Conductor da Google Play or the App Store and create a user with your data. If you live in Colombia you must be at least 18 years old and in Chile the minimum age is 21.

Another important requirement is to have a car in top condition for work in DiDi, which meets the basic safety standards: seat belt, ABS brakes, airbags. In terms of comfort and presentation, it must be in good condition inside and out, with no cosmetic damage, optimal air conditioning or windows. You may want to consider some of the reasons why you may be rejected.

Documents for working in DiDi

Depending on the country and city you are in, you can change the documents you need to work as DiDi driver. Some documents that are generally required are: National identification document, valid driving license, vehicle documentation that specifies its characteristics. It is also essential that you see how to verify your account in order to work as a driver. 

Below we will show you some specific requirements it requires in some of the countries and cities where DiDi is used.

Of Of Colombia:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Current Colombian identity card
  • Colombian driving license of valid classification B3-B1 or C1-C3
  • Vehicle identification which must contain information from the year of manufacture of the vehicle (only vehicles from the year 2007 apply)
  • Documentation insurance Current SOAT.

About Chile:

  • Have at least 21 years
  • National ID with RUT number
  • Valid A1-A5 or B classified Chilean driver's license
  • Current criminal record certificate

DiDi Mexico

To be a Driver Partner you will need:

  • Corrente IFE / INE
  • Valid license
  • CURP (applies INE with CURP)
  • Valid registration certificate
  • Private car insurance.

But to be a registered non-driver member you need to:

  • Valid official identification (INE, IFE)
  • Current vehicle registration card
  • Vehicle insurance in progress
  • Document in which your CURP appears
  • And if you are a foreigner you will need: (FM, valid passport)

You must take into consideration that the vehicle you will use must be 4 doors, with a capacity of 4 users to travel comfortably, the year of manufacture of the vehicle cannot be less than 2007, also in DiDi there is a list of the names of the allowed vehicles, so you should check the list when registering the vehicle.

As you can see, working in DiDi is simple, keep these points in mind and you will soon be working as a fleet partner or driving partner. Now, what's the difference between a driving partner or a fleet partner? The difference between these two types of partners is that the driving partner drives their own car, but the fleet partner is the one who has more than one car with different drivers under her responsibility.

The advantages of working in DiDi

Be your own boss. With DiDi, enjoy the freedom to manage your agenda every day. You decide when to ride and renew your strength to work with the many rewards DiDi you can earn:

  • Complete a variable number of trips.
  • Drive during rush hour.
  • Reach a certain amount of income.
  • Register for the first time.
  • Invite acquaintances or friends to use DiDi.
  • Invite acquaintances or friends to drive on DiDi.
  • Others, which may be related to the number of trips at certain times.
Take advantage of the 10% service fee for using the app and in launch promotions; And don't forget to find out what percentage DiDi charges for each trip. Drive when you want. Do not hesitate, now you know what you need to start working in DiDi and enjoy all the benefits with the security offered by its great technical assistance team that works every day of the year 24 hours a day, take advantage of this new option of private transport that has come to stay.
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