What do 420 and 710 mean on Tinder and how they are used for bios

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Tinder is a very popular application for finding a partner or meeting people and being able to make a date or get to a specific sexual encounter, but all of this will depend on the specifics of each profile.

When a person enters the web to create a Tinder profile, they must configure their bio according to their tastes and taking into account the characteristics of the traits they are looking for and proposing.

There are people who hide their age in their Tinder profile and other characteristics, as there are others who are tasked with clarify all their tastes in the biography so as not to have a bad time, since the people they correspond with already know their tastes.

This is how a type of code or signal was created to convey certain information and that the App does not close the account. Many users have a certain affection with marijuana consumption and consequently look for a person who shares the same taste. Code 420 and 710 was created for this purpose, but we will explain it much better below.

What is the meaning of 420 on Tinder?

If you're using Tinder and happen to come across a couple of profiles that have the number 420 in their bio, it's for one specific reason. That person posted code 420 to let people know that smoke marijuana.

The idea of ​​putting code 420 in the Tinder bio is to find people who want to make a date and share a joint. But you are probably wondering why do they use the number 420? It is that there is a historical explanation for this.

Code 420 is because internationally in April corresponding to month 4, specifically the 20th is celebrated or recognized as International Marijuana Day, so 420 is synonymous with marijuana.

Where does 710 come from on Tinder and other digital platforms?

Codes to express some information or transmit a specific message in an encrypted way are not only used in Tinder. Tinder is not the only application to flirt, there are other free alternatives to flirt and on those platforms the codes that are used in Tinder have the same meaning and the same thing happens in the opposite way.

In this way it is shown that the meaning that number 710 has on Tinder is the same meaning that it will have on any other digital platform. If you find a profile with the number 710 means equal to 420, that person has marijuana and is looking for someone to share the taste with.

But, since 420 has become so popular and almost everyone knows its meaning, to deceive and not have a direct seal on the taste of marijuana there are people who decide to use 710 to refer to July 10, and it is precisely that July 10 is commemorated or celebrated with reasons for honor the cannabis concentrate.

What does it mean to find these numbers on Tinder profiles?

If you have decided to use Tinder you must be very careful, it is an application that if used irresponsibly can be risky. Likewise many users they use the numbers 420 and 710 in their Tinder profiles to find people to smoke marijuana with, there are people with other intentions and they take it upon themselves to create a fake profile, so if you come across numbers 710 and 420 you already know what that person likes, but if you come across a fake profile you should report it for avoid problems.

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