What cars or cars does Uber accept? - Requirements for Uber

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As you already know, Uber is a private company that provides international users with a mobile application to opt for this transport service. This allows the driver to move safely around the city, enabling him to offer users a quality service.

What cars can Uber serve?

You should know that there are many car models accepted by UBER, however these must follow a series of minimum conditions. These conditions will depend on the category your car belongs to and if you do not meet some of them, unfortunately you will not be able to work at UBER.

As for the categories, it is important that you know that UBER operates 3 categories and obviously the cars in each of them vary. Here we will only mention some of the cars accepted by UBER in according to their category, but if you want to know them all you can enter here.

Categoria Uber X

Uber X what is it? In this category you can find many vehicles, generally it is the most famous and used by both drivers and users, as it is the most economic. Among the cars it accepts we can mention the following:

  • Toyota Camry Prius, Corolla Yaris.
  • Hyundai, Accent, Grand, Elantra.
  • Honda Accord, Crosstour.
  • Dodge loader.

Categoria Uber XL

Le cars are larger and more spacious, because you would be serving a group of family or friends. Among the admitted cars there are:

  • Hyundai Santa Fe.
  • Kia Sorrento.
  • Dodge Grand Caravan.
  • Chevrolet crossing.
  • Ford Explorer, transito.

Uber black category

It is considered the luxury category of UBER X, here the more luxurious cars they are included because their user rates are generally higher. Among the admitted cars there are:

  • BMW 5, Series, 7Series.
  • Alfa Romo, Giulia, Stelvio.
  • Mercedes.
  • Kia, Stinger.
  • Ford Expedition ed Explorer.
  • Audi A6-A7.

Category Uber SUV

In this case it is the luxury version of the UBER XL, it is also used for groups of passengers, but in this case the fare is higher, because it is of high-end cars. Among those he accepts are:

  • Acura, MDX.
  • Chevrolet, periphery.
  • Ford Expedition.
  • Cadillac.

Characteristics and requirements of cars accepted by Uber

As mentioned above, UBER provides its services by categories and, therefore, the characteristics of each vehicle will vary. Here we will mention the characteristics that each car must have based on the category in which it is located:

Categoria Uber X

If you own a car that falls into this category, it must meet the following characteristics in order for you to work at UBER:

  • 4 doors.
  • Conditioned air.
  • Airbag.
  • Seat belts for both driver and passengers.
  • Radio.
  • It must be in good general condition.

Categoria Uber XL

In this case they must be high-powered cars and the characteristics it should have are:

  • It must be a 4 ports or minivan with separate porte.
  • They must have a capacity of 6 people, not counting the driver.

Uber black category

Remember that here they are luxury cars and they must have the following characteristics:

  • A maximum of 5 years.
  • Capacity for at least 4 passengers.
  • Luxury sedans.
  • Model in black color.
  • Which is in perfect condition and has no visible blemishes.

Category Uber SUV

In this case the cars must be larger than the previous ones, their characteristics must be:

  • Maximum 5 years.
  • Capacity for 6 passengers and the driver.
  • 4 doors.
  • Radio, seat belts, windows and air conditioning.
  • Airbag.
  • Black, dark gray color.

As regards the requirements to be a driver in UBER, for all categories vary according to the country, but in any case they must have updated documentation. Remember if you want to expand the information and know exactly all the cars that UBER accepts, enter their page. If you decide to serve as a driver, you will need to register with UBER - UBER CONDUCTOR.

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