What cards does Uber accept? Which cards can I pay for my Uber with?

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Uber is one of those applications that you cannot miss on your mobile if this service is available in your country. The mere fact of being able to apply for an Uber with a couple of movements on your mobile, that you arrive in a few minutes and make the payment without too many complications is what makes the difference within this service. Here's why you should use Uber.

Likewise, there are also payment facilities for Uber services. Uber is generally quite flexible when it comes to paying. In fact, you have several options, such as being able to pay in cash, through digital payments or with credit cards.

However, people here often ask themselves' Which cards accepts uber or with whom can I pay for my Uber? " And that is why we will talk about it a little below.

The cards you can use to pay for Uber

You can usually see that Uber allows you to pay almost any way in cash or by credit card, as long as the system allows it. This, being one of the big attractions in Uber's ease of use. But, when it comes to credit cards, there is a certain limitation when it comes to being able to use them.

This is because you cannot use any credit cards to pay for the services provided by Uber.

Therefore, you can only use the most popular and widely used cards on the market. When we talk about these, we are referring specifically to carte MasterCard, Visa e American Express. This is done for safety and user reasons.

However, you may be able to use certain Prepaid cards. The ones you can use usually vary from country to country, so you need to check which cards you can associate in your country. Because, for example, in Uruguay it is possible to use the Mastercard Prex to transact in Uber applications.

Likewise, we invite the user to always make sure by checking the part in the menu and in the agreed payments. And, if you don't know how to find this option, look in the next section.

Affiliate cards and see which ones you can affiliate

You can go through the whole process of adding the cards you want to use whenever you need them, even when you're in the middle of a trip with Uber. All you have to do is enter the Payment Methods option in the application menu.

Once there, you have to select " Add new payment method »And the option to affiliate various options will open, from cash to credit cards. Insert credit cards and the option to register a new credit card will open.

Below you will see several forms that you need to fill out when you want to affiliate a new card. Among these is the CVV card, the expiration date, the country of origin of the card and, of course, which card you intend to affiliate.

Here you will see the options you have available in your country in terms of credit cards. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to fill in the form and fill in any information with your information honestly, so that you don't have any problems with Uber in the future.

Then, you will be asked to confirm the method you have registered and you will be more than ready to go out and use Uber with your new card.

We hope this tutorial helped you know which cards Uber accepts.

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