What brands should I notice if I want an up-to-date mobile phone?

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Fragmentation is one of the big problems in the Android world. Millions of devices around the world become obsolete sooner than they should, leaving users with no options to enjoy the latest versions of Android.

Which brand should I choose if I want years of guaranteed updates? We will try to answer this question, which is not at all simple. These are some signatures you might look at.

Android 11, the latest version of Google's operating system.

Google, of course

So are the latest mobiles presented by Google.

It had to be the first, for obvious reasons. Apple isn't the only company that designs an operating system and the devices it brings to life. THE Google Pixel they are not great sales successes, but they are the terminals that every Android lover should try.

You have high-end options, like Google Pixel 4XL, but also cheaper models, such as Google Pixel 4a which will arrive on the market in the coming weeks. We await the arrival of the new flagship of the North American company, the Google Pixel 5, which could be presented during the first days of October.


The OnePlus Nord's display is one of the best in its class.

OnePlus users have been receiving the latest Android updates for years without much waiting. In fact, anyone who owns a OnePlus 8 o OnePlus 8 Pro can already enjoy the first beta of OxygenOS 11, based on Android 11.

OxygenOS, the level of customization included in the terminals of the Chinese company, has respected the design lines established by Google during its latest editions. We find software that is simple, fluid and with some additions that add value. Now many things have changed with the arrival of OxygenOS 11, but the years of updates are still guaranteed.

Samsung, a modo tuo

A 2.5 UI on a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

The Korean company has promised 3 years of updates for its devices of band high, as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the most recent one Galaxy Note20 that will enjoy future versions of Android. We shouldn't expect less considering how much we pay for a top-of-the-range smartphone.

One UI is the fork that Samsung adds to its terminals and is already in version 3.0, based on Android 11. You have the opportunity to test it on the Galaxy S20 for a few weeks, it comes with design changes and important news.

Bet on the high end

Buying a high-end device also usually ensures a few years of updates, or at least it should. Beyond the few specific devices that update quickly and for a long time, what you should do is look at the top of the range.

OPPO is one of the companies that is doing a great job with its flagships, the Find X2 Pro and state one of the first smartphones to be able to update to Android 11 and a few years of pampering await you from the Chinese company.

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