What are WVX files and how do they open?

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A file format created for Microsoft environment users Windows. If you have a file with WVX extension and you don't know how to open it, keep reading this article.

What are WVX files?

It is a Microsoft Windows file developed for use with the application Windows Media Player. It is a music file, but it does not contain audio data.

Rather, contains a link that directs the user to the directory where the content is located. It can be a playlist with MP4 files, videos or music files.

When the file is opened in an application that supports the WVX format. The application starts automatically playing multimedia files.

How to open a WVX file?

Music player

Since it is a native Microsoft Windows format, the default application used to open the file is Windows Media Player. Although it is compatible with other similar applications such as GOM Media Player and VLC.

Double-click the file to open it with the default application. If you have more than one compatible application to open the file, right-click the file and choose the option Open with… and choose a program from the list.

Text editor

Being a plain text file, that is, it contains only text, it can be opened with a program such as Notepad. You can see the content such as file location link.

I can't open the file in WVX

There are several reasons why a file with the WVX extension cannot be opened. Since this is a plain text file, you can use the text editor for check for any problems.

The first thing you need to do is check your internet connection. The files you want to access are in an online location.

An error in the link

Open the file with the text editor e find the URL of the files. Verify that the link address is spelled correctly. A simple mistake like missing a letter in the URL can prevent you from accessing your files.

Cannot find file in URL

Copy and paste the URL in a browser to verify that the page still exists. Another reason for failure is that the files are no longer uploaded to the specific address. If the media content is not found, the file is invalid.

Damaged file

The integrity of the file was compromised during the upload or download process. It's better download again the file or request that it be sent to you again.

Convert a WVX file

This format contains only text and a link that redirects the user to play multimedia content online. Since in theory it is a simple text , i file played they cannot be converted.

Now with VLC you can edit a WVX file in an HTML, XSPF, M3U8 and M3U format. It turns it into a multimedia playlist compatible with other applications.

If you want to convert a WVX file to MP4, AVI, MP3 or WMV you have to download them manually. One way to do this is via Windows Media Player from the File / Save As menu.

This is an indirect way to convert a file from WVX to MP3, for instance. Another way to access the content of such a file is through a universal file viewer.

One of the most used is FileMagic, you will be able to see the file and content in case you can't do it with the text editor.

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