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Next, you'll see detailed information on what they are and how to get your UBER credits so you can use them when you need them. If you love to go around your city and use the APP UBER to do so, this information will be very useful to you.

What are Uber credits really?

I Uber credits they are a virtual payment option and are used to pay for the trips you request through the UBER APP. They are a very versatile way of getting funds to pay for a trip through that company.

These credits can function as a forecast, in an emergency, for safety, or as a courtesy. How, for example, a person could acquire UBER credits for a relative, in advance. When the family member has to travel using the UBER APP, she can pay using credit.

In cases like this, the price of the trip must not exceed the amount of credit you have. If not, you will need to have cash or a credit card in order to pay for the trip.

Also, imagine your best friend often use UBER APP to go to work. Maybe because you like to travel feeling comfortable or because you use the ability to share the status of a trip with your loved ones.

So, if you don't know what to give him for his birthday, you can give him something different but very useful, like UBER credits. This way you can use the credit to pay for your trips very easily.

How can you get credits in the Uber app?

You can receive credits in Uber in different ways, here we will show you two.

  1. La first option is to send an invitation code to your contacts so that they can have the experience of exploring the city with the APP. You can check this code in your account, in the free travel option. Once you have the code, you can send it to someone to enter when they download the app .
  2. After that, your contact will receive the UBER credits you sent to pay for their first trip. If busy, you will also receive credits to use on your next trip.
  3. La  second option is a gift card as a payment method . For example, suppose you give a family member a UBER gift card, to receive the credit they will have to:
    • Enter the APP and go to the option indicated as payment.
    • Then you need to go to Add Payment Method and select the Gift Certificate option.
    • Finally, you will need to enter the UBER gift card code for the credits to add to your account.

How to check your Uber credits?

First, you will need to correctly enter an invitation code or UBER gift card code. Next, to check your credits, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the UBER APP or download it from the Play Store.
  • Go to the payment option.
  • Hello, the credits will appear on the screen.

At this point you can already use the UBER credits as a payment method . You can turn them on or off as needed. For a particular trip, you can choose to pay with credit or pay with one of your other payment methods.

How to activate or deactivate your credits in Uber?

When you already have credits in your account, they work as an extra option to pay for one or more trips. When making a trip, credits are used as priority payment method. However, your credits may be less than the cost of the trip, where the difference must be paid with a different payment method.

If you have UBER credits, but don't want to use them to pay for a trip, you can deactivate and reactivate them whenever you want.

In conclusion, i UBER credits they have great advantages and are very easy to use. They are a very practical tool to pay for the trips you make using the UBER APP.

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