What are they, what are they for and what are the types of computer networks?

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One of the main elements that must be taken into consideration when performing any type of configuration or installation of a computer network is the scope or area of ​​its coverage. Depending on the area you want to place it in, you should explore the option to place a network LAN or a local network

This is one of the most logical principles and questions that many companies often ask themselves to find the best way to work across Internet connections. In this article we will expand your knowledge a little more about the different networks of computer, in addition to their function, method of use and method of installation.

There is a very marked margin that delimits what the ranges are by means of a cable that can give you an internet connection. This margin may vary depending on the structure and its connection. However, these networks are divided by their own flow or coverage, which are achieved through antennas.

Logically, the larger the place you want to cover, the more difficult and expensive the installation will be. If you want to know more about this, you just have to keep reading.

Personal Area Network (PAN)

When we talk about a network of people, they offer us a computer network, which consists of very few meters of connection. The distance covered by this connection is quite similar to that covered by a signal Bluetooth mobile. That is, sufficient signal to achieve successful data exchange.

These are the most popular types of networks requests, for a small and essential network, which works successfully with small spaces.

Local network (LAN).

Being one of the best networks, in addition to the one best known for its operation, this one network is usually installed mainly inside companies, whose need for connection between their employees and their tools is greater.

This type of network allows its users of connect not only computers, but also different printers, scanners and even some photocopiers. Therefore, you can exchange different types of data and orders from your office.

University area network (CAN).

If you have multiple buildings that need to install their own network wireless, this connection will need a minimum coverage greater than 1000 square meters. This type of structure can be useful for universities; technology parks and also for some fairs.

Le networks CAN they work according to it, since their main function is to interconnetterle with each other, so that they can quickly exchange different types of data with each other.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

This is a much broader type of network than the one we mentioned above. It usually covers large areas subways and it is usually required in public administration spaces, where they decide to create different Wi-Fi zones in very large spaces.

It is one of the networks that need a large cable infrastructure, which must be managed by an operator of telecommunications, which to achieve it requires a deployment of a fiber optic network.

Rete WAN (Wide Area Network)

These are the networks that are implemented within companies to deliver the Internet to places like casinos and thus be able to meet a large need for the Internet in an excessively large area.

Storage Network (SAN)

This is one of the largest networks that can be offered for large companies looking to optimize theirs operation and their way of working. It has a large traffic capacity for its users and has the ability to handle a large amount of give, avoiding falls or errors within the services. It is mainly used by technology companies.

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