What are the keys to the success of the Samsung Galaxy A?

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Samsung is getting harder and harder to sell devices, and beware, it doesn't have to do with the fact that their devices, with a few exceptions, are not up to par or because they rival other brands. but because they have the enemy in their own home.

The strange thing is that, despite the fact that Samsung sells a lot of phones this year, the benefits are not what the company itself anticipated. The reason is simple: Samsung's medium / low range is enjoying resounding success to the point that many users prefer these models to the high range.

The culprits of all this, the Galaxy A series. But why are they so good?

Why is the Galaxy A series being sold so much?

As we can read in Business Insider, It was two keys that led to the great sales of Samsung's mid-range phones, subject of course their fantastic good performance which also matters.

On the one hand, the Mid-range smartphones are selling more and better and better. A few years ago, buying a low- or mid-range Android phone was a real lottery. Today the quality of smartphones has grown and it is not uncommon to find phones from brands like Xiaomi or Samsung itself at a very low price and with exceptional quality. Specifically, phones priced between $ 150 and $ 400 account for around 40% of the brand's sales.

Secondly, direct competition from Samsung has suffered, notably Huawei. The Chinese company suffered severe economic damage after the conflict with the United States and its president Donald Trump. Many consumers, fearful of buying Huawei devices and not being able to update them or use Google services, have opted for the simpler solution: switching to similar phones but from Samsung and this is where the Galaxy A range triumphed. .

Without a doubt, Samsung's Galaxy A series is one of the best options for those who want great phones at a good price or even those who want to gift family members or well-known devices with good value for money. Let's just hope the good job the South Korean brand has done with this range be extrapolated to its more premium range as well.

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