What are the differences between «Facebook profile», «Facebook group» and «Facebook page»?

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Every day more and more updates are added to the social networks we use the most, including Facebook. Yup offers a large number of options which, being so many, can be a bit difficult to remember completely. If you want to enjoy your Facebook experience more and get more out of it, read on and find out the differences between "Facebook Profile", "Facebook Group" and "Facebook Page".

In the vast world of Facebook there is always lots to do and explore, as you can enjoy the company of many people around the world and find out about their interests. But, as with any social network, there are several aspects that are worth mentioning from time to time. In this article we will help you do it easily.

What are the differences between profile, group and Facebook page?

When we started using a social network like Facebook, we were faced with one multitude of information and instructions that we must understand to use it correctly. The good thing is that these aspects and instructions are not very difficult to understand and also, once we know how to handle them, they allow us to have a really pleasant time.

One of these aspects is to understand the difference between a profile, a page or a Facebook group, as this will allow us to find more content suited to our interests and even share what we want without limits.

What is a Facebook profile?

First we will talk about what a Facebook profile is. This is the most common we can create in the social network, and that's what most people have.

In it we can share our personal information, in addition to posting photos, videos, location, among other aspects that we would publish only in a profile intended solely for the use of our person. Creating a Facebook account to have your own profile is very simple, and you can access it by clicking on the photo or name you see at the top of the main Facebook page.

What is a Facebook group?

If what you want is exchange opinions and tastes with other Facebook users, what you need to do is join a group. These are created to comment and share photos, videos or other types of things that allow us to discuss a common topic. They can be created for any reason, be it a simple topic or something more important that needs to be addressed or discussed with a group of people.

It is necessary to have a Facebook profile to create a group and, if you decide to join it, you will be able to receive its contents in the news section. Also, you can see the list of groups you belong to on Facebook from your profile without any problem. If you want to create a group, you can choose between private or public, depending on the reason for its creation and who you want to be part of.

What is a Facebook page?

A Facebook page is intended for the contact with fans and followers, as it allows content creators to interact with them. You need to have a profile and then turn it into a page and start posting content through it. Anyone who wants to receive updates on a page must indicate that they like it or start following it.

They are normally used by public figures, companies, artists, brands and anyone else who wants to advertise what they do or have to offer to the world. It is possible to manage a Facebook page from a PC or from mobile devices, and it really is è an excellent choice if you want to share something with the world easily and for free.

Regardless of which profile, group or page you are following, it is possible to unfollow them easily. You just have to press the three dots at the top of any of their publications and select the "Unfollow" option.

There is nothing better than sharing with people who manage our same interests and desires, and through groups, profiles and Facebook pages it's totally possible. We encourage you to continue exploring them.

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