What are the best tools for developing Android mobile applications?

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Mobile devices are what are trending around the world and Android is the system that is the technology leader in all its versions. It is even believed that Android have most of the mobile applications, remembering that most of the apps that are downloaded are for these devices from the Play Store.

There are more and more companies and developers who want to work only with Android devices. But it must be considered that not all of these developers know and operate the Java tool, bearing in mind that it is used to create apps for this type of device, being crucial in keeping Java updated to its latest version.

But today a large number of tools are available to create these applications without the need to work with Java. Also, these tools allow you to create applications even without having knowledge of how they are developed. In addition, it has become increasingly accessible and easier for companies to develop their own technology.

The tools for developing mobile applications for Android perform the function of innovating

Today, there are a large number of tools that allow you to easily create applications for Android devices. Some of these developers get good productivity, they come to innovate in the world of technology.

App inventor

This is considered to be one of the tools for creating applications for Android devices easier to use. For this reason, if you are new to this field of technology, this tool will be useful to you, you just need to have Internet and the Android device.

At the same time, this application works in conjunction with the cloud, so each of the steps you develop will be automatically saved. You can use this tool without knowing programming.

Appcelerator Titanium

With it you can develop applications with JavaScript programming, this service has a large number of applications developed globally. This application is easy to manage, in turn it is considered one cross-platform tool, as it is available for Android and other systems.

Android Studio

This is one of the most used tools to create applications, it is considered as "the official integrated development environment of this system", as it develops these applications in a comprehensive way.

This tool works with Java, XML and Kotlin, for this reason you can create the apps you want from any of these programming languages.


If you have a good understanding of how to manage web development, you can work with this tool; has a large number of components such as plugins. At the same time, works with the TypeScript language. All these changes can be made directly from the web browser.

Discover the importance of developing these tools for building applications

There are multiple tools available to build Android applications, among which we mention: NativeScript, Basic 4 Android (B4A), React Native, iBuild App, PhoneGap, LiveCode, among others.

These tools also allow you to be in touch with people ; If you are a company, you can communicate with each other with employees and customers. All of this is possible, since devices have become a fundamental and integral part of people's lives today.

At the same time, you need to understand that there are various programming languages ​​a which they follow to develop mobile applications. Some of these are: Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, XML among others.

Applications are born to innovate, these new technologies have come to position themselves globally and are changing the way things are done, mainly for companies. Therefore, it is important to understand the vitality of each of these tools.

Definitely, allow you to improve existing communication in business, as these applications are designed to innovate in companies and in the life of each of the people who wish to develop these applications. At the same time, these tools allow you to implement new things.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you.Do you know any other tools to develop mobile applications for Android? Let us know your answer in the comments.

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