What are the best proxies for anonymous Internet browsing?

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Sometimes we want to surf the Internet anonymously so as not to leave traces of our activity (searches, downloads). To achieve this, we need a service known as proxy. Want to know What are the best proxies for anonymous navigazione on the Internet? If you answered yes, this article will be of great use to you.

What are the best proxies for anonymous Internet browsing?

Whenever you browse the Internet, leave a trace based on your IP address, which is a public identifier of Internet access, in this way it is possible to know at what time you are connected, from where and what services you used.

At some point you will want to keep a little more privacy when browsing Internet and this is the time when the proxy is beneficial because it acts as an intermediary between us and the website we want to visit.

A highly recommended option is to use the Opera browser's free VPN, a utility that caters to users' needs in most cases. Either way, keep in mind that we are talking specifically about a VPN, so you should know the differences between Proxy and VPN beforehand before using any tools.

Next, we'll show you more details about proxies and which ones are best for anonymous internet browsing.

What is a proxy server?

Wondering what proxy servers are and what are they for? Well, a proxy server is a service that helps you maintain anonymity and privacy when browsing the Internet. The service acts as an intermediary between the client computer and the server via the browser.

This avoids logging of incoming connections, that is you do not know the IP address who made the request as only the proxy that loaded a particular website is registered.

What are the benefits of anonymous browsing?

One of the peculiarities of anonymous browsing is that it allows you to access websites blocked by addresses Specific IPs (from the country in which they are located); Furthermore, it is possible to remain anonymous on web pages for which it is risky to leave a trace due to sexual, religious, political reasons, among others.

The best proxies

As you already know the advantages of anonymous browsing, now we introduce you to the best proxies for anonymous surfing on the Internet.


This proxy is very useful because it offers the user a list of servers so that we can choose one or activate the random selection. whoer.net it allows us to use a free VPN and also helps us to know the surfing speed as well as the characteristics of our IP.

Hide me

Hide.me provides the VPN service to access blocked websites. The free version has limitations although it is considered one of the fastest proxies.


Kproxy is a free and reliable site. It offers ten different IP addresses, and what's more, you can switch servers whenever you want. Another usefulness of this proxy lies in the possibility of hide our IP address on the Internet and show a list of available servers.

Kproxy has an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is worth mentioning that the free version has limitations like Hide.me.

Orange proxy

OrangeProxy ha a server in the United States and allows access to web pages that have been blocked in this country based on their geographic location. This proxy has links to major web search engines (Google and Bing) and facilitates optimal access to certain social networks.


4everproxy provides an efficient service by hiding your IP address while browsing the Internet. Like OrangeProxy, this server unlocks the Web sites geo-censored and allows access to sites like YouTube to view videos without any inconvenience.

It also gives you more options like deleting scripts for added security, storing cookies and encrypting your browsing for faster speed.

Finally, remember that proxies aren't the only option available. In fact, you can even browse anonymously using Tor Browser, although it usually lends itself to several tasks.

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