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In this section we will show you the best and fastest VPNs for Venezuela, so you will avoid finding annoying messages while browsing the Internet such as: " The page was not found «,« You do not have access to this content »or» Video blocked », perhaps because you are in a country where some web pages are censored.

By counting on a VPN network, even for free, you can enjoy browsing safely and without restrictions; applicable if you are abroad. First, it is good to inquire about the benefits of these networks.

What you should know about VPNs

What is a VPN? (Virtual Private Network) = Virtual Private Network. It is a network that provides a secure extension of the "local network" to the Internet. This network is not limited to certain systems, it can also be used in the Mac operating system. Below we explain you with an example. If you don't have one VPN, here's what happens:

From your computer you will access the google page, for this you make a request to an ISP (Internet service provider, if you are in Venezuela it is probably CANTV) it goes to the Internet servers by accessing the requested website and returns the information.

If you have a VPN, the boot process is almost the same, only before reaching the internet servers it goes through a VPN server, it is a computer that is usually connected to another country and that is where the internet request will be made. or the web to enter.

By creating a sort of shield that facilitates borderless browsing and the interesting thing is that when the information is returned it will be encrypted, no one will have access to what is requested. You can move safely.

What are VPNs for?

  1. It allows us to watch movies and TV from any computer quickly and securely
  2. Facilitates access to pages or networks that are blocked in our country
  3. You can keep internet traffic or browsing private, including if you're using a public network like WiFi, even by increasing your internet speed.
  4. You can only access enabled content in certain countries.

With these benefits in mind, keep in mind that most of these services are paid for because these servers cost to maintain them while generating costs. Below we will indicate the best VPNs fast for Venezuela, which meet the security criteria and which have stood out for overcoming Internet restrictions.

The best VPNs for Venezuela

  1. vpn espresso. This premium network stands out for being one of the few that has servers in Venezuela, which are very useful for online banking. It's high-speed for streaming, supports up to 5 devices connected at the same time, and has the best possible encryption.
  2. Nordvpn. It is considered to be the safest VPN in the world because it uses 2 different encryption cycles, creating secure data browsing without compromising speed.
  3. Ivacyvpn. Offers anonymous p2p activity and unblocking websites such as Netflix USA. It also offers a consistent and fast connection coupled with private browsing. Works with Venezuelan servers. Includes a 7-day free trial period.
  4. Hmm. This VPN stands out for having a unique calling mode "Freedom mode" - mode freedom-. It's a record-less network, they can't see who you are or what you do. Includes leak protection to protect your private data. It supports up to 5 devices with different operating systems. They have 2 servers in Venezuela. It is present in more than 190 countries. It gives you a 30 day guarantee.
  5. Vyprvpn. This network has servers in countries close to Venezuela, this guarantees fast connections. It is known for having a powerful tool called Chameleon Protocol, is patented to overcome blockages and have free surfing on the whole network from Venezuela.

Another server to consider is OpenVPN, we want to show you options with which you can carefully analyze, through free trials that some offer you, and see which one suits your needs, based on the activities you carry out, keeping in mind the priority of keeping our data safe .. If you want, you can tell us your experience or write us your opinion.

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