What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest?

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You may have heard of Pinterest and are now wondering if you should use Pinterest as a social media marketing platform for your business. When we first started marketing online, we didn't pay too much attention to Pinterest.

We mostly focused on Facebook because that's what we knew. It turned out to be a big mistake. But it's right for your business? But before adding Pinterest to your marketing plan, let's talk about the pros of Pinterest and, of course, the cons of Pinterest…

Benefits of Pinterest vs. Disadvantages of Pinterest

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But first… let me answer the most basic question.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest comes from two separate words, pine e interest and culture present in western Sicily ".. It is an application company Web e furnishings which runs a photo sharing website.

He defined himself " the world catalog of ideas» i.e. a tool for visual discovery, collection and archiving.

Pinterest was founded by Ben Silberman, Together with Paul Sciarra ed Evan Sharp, in March 2010 and is today a huge success, making it one of the leading social networks. She is considered a social media favorite.

Nine months after its launch, Pinterest already had 10.000 registered users. Gradually he started getting noticed in magazines and started appearing in articles.

In December 2011, the site became a leading social networking service.

Benefits of Pinterest

As a user of this social media site, I find it very interesting to browse and search for ideas or pins that appear in my feed. I am thrilled to know that I will learn a lot in your DIY ( DIY), sometimes with detailed photos provided which are very easy to understand.

Pinterest may also be connected to your other social media accounts… like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is one of the leading social networks. This means you can get a wider range of audiences.

If you are a blogger like me, it's also a great place to promote your articles or market your content.

There's something for everyone on Pinterest. You will always get results after searching for what interests you the most.

Pinterest is very useful for blogs and websites. The images posted on the bulletin boards of Pinterest and pine shared can be linked back to the original site: this is a big plus for Pinterest.

Circa 1,5 million users per month, which means it's a great platform to market your business.

Keep everything organized and share the things you love in one place by creating your own board and adding pins. You can always come back when you want.

There are tons of categories to choose from that can really make your head spin, each one has photos attached bright e wonderful. You will discover many things that you do not know yet and you will be interested in looking for more.

It can teach you what you want to learn just by looking at the photos or video. For example, with girls, there's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do their own makeup.

You can download the app Pinterest available on smartphones. It is a beautiful application that offers a rich experience much like the full website. It's great for creating boards, adding items, sharing items, and even editing profile information.

You'll get notifications about who pinned, who followed, and who reacted to yours pine e message boards. This way, you will know who your potential customers or target audience are.

And… you can also follow the forums of other users and always be updated on their new pins.

Disadvantages of Pinterest

Along with the benefits there are some disadvantages of interest…

The main advantage of Pinterest might as well be his biggest disadvantage: it's all about images. This means that you have to be very careful about the images you post because it is the image that will attract followers.

Images incorrect will cause people who follow you to skip past your feed and not read the message in your description.

There is no security feature to prevent others from stealing your images stored in a user account. Along the same lines, Pinterest makes it very easy to steal other people's work.

There is a smaller range of men who are Pinterest users. 81% are women, which means your business designed for men may not be successful.

Instagram is just an app for iPhone and Android. If you have Windows Mobile, Blackberry o Linux that will not work. This means that you will not reach your entire target audience.

Copyright issues where using other photos and claiming them as your own may be subject to copyright infringement Terms and conditions of Pinterest.

The search function often appears with items that are completely unrelated to what you are looking for. This could be more related to incorrect pin labeling.

If your image doesn't sell, your pin won't be clicked. Interest is all based on appearance and not on text for sell ideas. You can have a great product, but it can be easy to misrepresent what you offer on Pinterest.

Final considerations on the advantages and disadvantages of interest

Here it is! We talked about both the pros and cons of Pinterest. With the popularity of Pinterest you have to at least explore it for your business marketing needs. Check out these pros and cons and make your own decision.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest?. In this tutorial we have seen everything about Pinterest, what are its advantages and disadvantages to inform yourself before starting to use it, as you can see it is a very useful tool in many respects.

We hope you like our article, if you think something was missing, please leave your comment.

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