What are network protocols, what are they for and how do they work?

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Communication on the web is an element of the utmost importance for people to still maintain the lifestyle they are used to. It would be a real catastrophe if all wireless networking processes around the world were to fail at any moment.

That's why they were created different systems so that the communication is successful, such as network protocols. Which are very famous for the importance they have had in optimizing development in terms of computer communication.

What are Network Protocols?

Those new to the industry usually think that for transfer any type of messagebe it audio, text or other forms, from one computer to another, just connect them to both via a cable. But the reality is different.

Since there is no real algorithm that works for such communication, that is why the network protocols were designed. A system that not only establishes the conditions necessary for an efficient data exchange, but check it out also the faults occurring.

It should be made clear that each protocol packet has its own exchange rules. In other words, the 2 or more computers that will carry out the communication process must follow the rules established in the protocol, otherwise the server will not allow exchanges.

What are network protocols for?

Protocols play an important role in the Internet world since greatly improves communication of users. It would be very simple if the communication were limited only to a home network where only 3 people are involved, but we are talking about a worldwide network with thousands of users.

In general terms, we can say that network protocols are used for messages issued by users to arrive successfully, and this process is not easy on the net. Because very often any kind of error can occur on such large servers.

Another good function of the protocols is that they have set themselves the goal of replacing the old and obsolete communication system in which the internet does not intervene. For example, home phones, newspapers and among others. So that all users globally can communicate.

How Do Network Protocols Work?

The fundamental principle of any network protocol is establish a set of standards that improve communication with the user. In which IT aspects also intervene such as the size of the packet or data packet, the type of packet, the type of sender and recipient, and others.

If the system detects that any of the above items are not eligible for the successful trade, it automatically restricts the e option communicates to the user via a message how the process must be done correctly.

Who is in charge of developing the network protocols?

The main network protocol systems are developed by private companies and users working in open source, although the vast majority have been designed in open source. And this is a huge advantage because the costs of using it tend to be very low or nil.

On the other hand, the private companies that develop these systems do pay their license, although this is good, because they are better developed than the previous ones. Among the companies that have developed protocols are IBM, Microsoft, Novel and Apple.

Therefore, we see that protocol technology is a constant improvement for global communication and that the time will come when the use of outdated technologies can only serve as a relic for amateurs.

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