What are junk or spam emails and how can we avoid them?

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What are junk or spam emails?

The word "spam" refers to e-mails of a commercial and advertising nature that are sent to mass to thousands of email users. Spam not required reaches your inbox.

While these spam emails are not always used to promote viruses, the truth is that they are always annoying. Who likes to get a ton of advertising that they neither want nor need, let alone request?

There are many types of spam, but the most common are:

  • Spam via email: This is the most common type of junk mail, where the inbox is cluttered. These are full of advertisements and other aspects that get you distract from your important activities.
  • Spam on social networks: there are people who spam or use social networks. For example, they use Facebook for promote i their brands through fake accounts that make you stuffed with irrelevant and annoying content.
  • Spam via messaging: These are the messages you receive, for example, unknown WhatsApp contacts and groups. This type of spam is much more direct and fast, as direct messaging programs are used to spread a lot of junk content.

How can we avoid junk or spam emails?

Now that you know how annoying spam is, you need some practical tips to avoid it. As this way you will protect your personal identity or even your assets in that case it will apply.

Steps to follow to avoid spam

First of all it is very important to activate the antispam filter. For example, it blocks all spam from Hotmail Outlook and thus deletes junk emails. Put them in the "junk" category to avoid receiving them again.

Another practical tip would be to not point your email at no blog and page so that they don't see you as an easy subject. Also, don't reply to spam emails that you receive in your inbox.

A practical measure would be to create an email account exclusively to receive notices and advertisements. For example, notifications from cinemas, blogs, shops and other favorite pages.

Beware of messages with easy money offers, do not open them, could contain viruses, or spy on data theft programs.

A measure to protect yourself and yours from these spam, do not spread chain email. By forwarding them, you expose your personal information, | and your contacts and even your information at the mercy of hackers.

Another option to avoid spam is to read the privacy policies of a website you are accessing. Avoid entering your email on pages without privacy policy and take advantage of the possibility of not receiving messages that some pages and websites contain.

Note: You can block spam and contacts in Gmail to avoid this annoying spam.

These are some of the more practical suggestions which can help you avoid spam at all costs. Therefore, you will be able to focus on the important messages in your email account without worrying about being distracted by the garbage or being damaged by hackers.

Also, by being clear what spam is, what its types are, and how knowledge is power, you can stand watch out and defend yourself from its annoyances.

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