What are integrated circuits and what are they used for? What types are there + features?

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In order to reduce the space and create much more advanced components, which are called integrated circuits. Then they were recognized around the world in 1958 where this idea was legally patented.

Integrated circuits are basically small elements commonly constructed of silicon, inside they have several electronic components. They form a complete circuit.

What are integrated circuits and what are they used for?

Depending on the type of integrated circuit, it may contain elements such as resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors, coils, power supply and many other components. Usually any type of component that makes up an electronic circuit.

Physically they are small boxes covered with a plastic wrap, which contains the entire electronic circuit inside. In its external part it has an engraved plate, where you can observe a serial drawing, this is what indicates its internal composition.

It also has small copper pins which are the inputs and outputs of this circuit, they are the ones that connect with other circuits and in turn with the source and ground. The circuit itself is built on a small silicon plate.

Actually these circuits serve a replace the use of large electronic components, thus reducing the manufacturing size. This is very beneficial, as when it comes to building electronic devices they can be done in a much more practical way.

What types of integrated circuits exist and what are their characteristics?

Generally, integrated circuits are divided into two branches, which are integrated circuits analog e digital integrated circuits. It is important to know the differences and characteristics of each of them.

Among the analog integrated circuits most used there are operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, oscillators among many others. This branch of integrated circuits has the characteristic of managing continuous signals over time and of variable voltage.

On the other hand, between the digital integrated circuits most used we find doors, microprocessors, timers, among many others. These have the characteristic of managing only two voltage levels, high and low.

It should be noted that analog ICs need external components to function properly. On the other hand, digital integrated circuits hardly need external components for their proper functioning.

What applications do integrated circuits have?

Integrated circuits have revolutionized the world of electronics, making it possible to create the beautiful and complex circuits commonly found in our devices. Without realizing it, we interact with artifacts created by integrated circuits every day.

These can be found, for example, in a VCR, in turntables that we have in our homes and on the radios. This is just to name a few artifacts, but it generally makes many more possible.

Integrated circuits are built by Photolithography, which consists in engraving a pattern on a silicon plate that gives life to the integrated circuits. Basically it is a kind of miniaturization of the components that make up the circuits.

In general, these circuits take up very few millimeters, which makes it their greatest advantage. Between most used integrated circuits there is the HT 8950, this is what brings the voice modulator to life.

The 555 timer and op amps are widely used among electronics enthusiasts. In this way we have explained what integrated circuits are and what they are for.

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