What are information storage devices and what are they for? What types are there?

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This system has the capability of save the data of your interest, which play a leading role in the development of technology. Keeping in mind that without the help of this unit, it would be impossible to do the job or any kind of project.

These devices are defined as storage drive, they carry the necessary data and distribute it on different computers. They play the role of assistant in the projects you have, as this tool allows you to store information securely.

Advances in information storage devices

Over the years, the story of storage devices has evolved. In turn, there are many unsuccessful attempts to expose a new storage system, and very few times have companies managed to want to market memory cards or so-called optical discs.

Previously, cassettes were used as storage drives, they had to have a device connected by cables to the computer. They had a low cost but they weren't the fastest when saving data.

Subsequently, the famous ones arrived on the market floppy disk, but they were a lot prone to breaking. This new storage unit was used extensively throughout the 90's up to the imposition of rewritable CDs. The Windows operating system was also sold in this way until its version number 95.

Currently, most of the data is stored in the well-known cloud, is the trend that has established itself in society. Although storage systems are still widely used, it is a tool that does not disappear but improves day by day.

Learn about the various types of information storage

I magnetic media of information on storage devices are older, allow you to store large amounts of data in small drives. One of the best known devices are external hard drives, which perform the function of saving data and being able to view them on another computer.

Some of these archives are: floppy disks, tape backups, DAT tapes, among others. In turn, there are internal hard drives which are integrated into the same computer and allow you to store the information you need in large quantities.

Next, we have the information storage devices by optical means, these perform the function of saving photos, videos, music. In addition, this support allows you to store computer programs, games, among others.

Optical storage devices

I optical devices most popular are CD, DVD e Blu-Ray. These systems have the ability to store large amounts of data. It is one of the most used types of media storage and the most important thing is that they are easily accessible, as you can buy them in stationeries, shops and stores.

Electronic storage devices

Finally we have electronic information storage devices, this system is the most promising, they are in the pendrive, to which it is possible to make a backup copy and a memory card. They are also used in cell phones, digital cameras and computers.

This drive is known as solid state memories since contain electronic circuits and they don't need to move to read the information.

Similarly, we find cloud storage, which has high transmission speeds. As it is a unit that stores information online, it is one of the most used trends, as it does not need any physical means to have your information securely.

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