What are greetings and bits on Twitch, how much are 1000 bits worth?

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As you may already know, Twitch is a very popular platform in the US and Europe that became owned by Amazon in 2014. It currently has millions of users around the world. And these are drawn to the impressive games that are played live directly from the streamer's personal computer or console.

When you enter the page and create an account on Twitch, at first you get lost a bit for the different words and idioms they use on the platform. And as you progress as a user you become familiar with the phrases that are used. But if you still don't know what   significano Cheers and Bits on Twitch, we'll reveal it to you here.

What are Greetings and Bits on Twitch? How many are 1000 Bits on Twitch in Euros and Dollars?

This page was filled with glory with the presentation of live events where 600 thousand people were connected at the same time. This is to be able to see live the broadcast of Tyler Ninja Blevins. But one of his most important successes is being able to implement a payment system and this to support the service, as well as help the so-called streamers.

But let's get right into the subject matter and reveal what the word Cheers means on this site. And if we go to the dictionary we can find out what it means cheer or cheer. So this is just a word of encouragement. So by this you want to tell another person that you like what they did and you want to encourage them to continue.

Now when we refer to the term Bits, we refer to small coins or tokens, these can be obtained by watching advertising videos or even paying. On the Twitch site it works like this if they join a channel you like and want to send a message and contribution in bits, you need to do the following.

In this way, the bits are a kind of gift or present that subscribers do to streamers. This gift is monetary in nature and people make this donation when they feel that the person who is broadcasting a live is doing a great job and amusing their audience.

These Cheers and Bits gifts or donations on Twitch are only made while a live broadcast is being broadcast. Therefore, this tool works like a way to interact among subscribers with streaming. It also lets the broadcaster know if the audience is enjoying their work or appreciating it. Apart from the monetary compensation you enter.

Enter the chat channel and you will write Cheers and then you will write an amount that it can be 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc.. This will be the bit contribution you set aside for the channel owner. In order to get these bits and pay for them online, you need to use PayPal or Amazon.

What is the price of Cheers and Bits on Twitch

Before continuing, you already know that in order to earn money as an affiliate, you need to monetize streams. And in this way you can make a profit in any way available on the web but one of the most used is through donations. But it's also possible to get bits from channel affiliates and partners who share them with channels that broadcast live.

In general, 100 bits have a cost of $ 2,10 or 1,77 euros so if you want to know how many dollars equals 1000 bits add a zero to the previous figure and we will have 21,0 or 17,7 euros. These values ​​are approximate and may vary depending on the exchange. There are currently many young people who make good money using this gaming platform.

Likewise, within the game you can get combos Cheers and Bit on Twitch. In this sense, you can get 300 bits at 3,28 euros, 100 bits at 1,53 or up to 500 bits at 7,65 euros.

Something cool about buying bits is that as you buy these coins, the platform can offer more discounts. For example, if a person buys a package corresponding to 10.000 bits, it usually costs 137,78 euros. The Twitch platform makes a 10% discount on the price.

While if you buy the combo from 5.000 to 70,42 euros, you can get discounts of up to 5 percent of the purchase. They also offer 25% off the 25.000-bit combo or bundle.

What to do to get lots of greetings and bits on Twitch?

Cheers e bit su Twitch can be received alone if you are a partner or affiliate. This way, the platform makes sure you have a Twitch affiliate account so that you can start generating money through live broadcasts.

On the other hand, the people who can send Cheers and Bits on Twitch are all those who have an account. So, if you are already a subscriber to this platform, you just have to get started buy some bits to be able to evaluate the work of your favorite streamers.

Set up my channel on Twitch to receive Cheers and Bits

It is not necessary make many settings on your Twitch account or channel to start earning Cheers and Bits. As all partners and affiliates of this platform can start earning through streaming broadcasts.

What you need to do is configure the minimum or maximum number of Cheers and Bits that you feel you should receive during the broadcast. Likewise, you can add the brands or emblems that users get when they donate.

In this sense, the emblems are small signs or stickers that appear next to the subscriber's name when giving a gift. You can configure this photo or emblem to add any photo you want. For this, you just have to open the control panel and open the preferences.

After this, you have to search in partner or affiliate, to finally open the bit emblems. You can check the edit button and then change the names or upload new photos. These photos must be in PNG files and dimensions 18 × 18 or 36 × 36 and also 72 × 72 pixels.

How You Can Earn Money By Live Streaming

If you are very good at playing video games and broadcasting your ideas, you can go live on the Twitch platform and earn money. In that order of ideas, you need to be good with games so that people can see your games live.

Furthermore, the content of these videos must be attractive in so that subscribers like it. Once you start generating subscribers to your channel's community, they themselves will start giving you cash gifts in the form of greetings and toasts. Since in this way, the subscribers appreciate the work and effort of the streamers.

Initial steps for streaming

First of all, you need to download a software that allows you to shiver on your computer, OBS studio is recommended. So you must already have a Twitch account created or else open a new one.

Thereafter it is necessary create a channel on Twitch and configure Steam, where design and other features are located. Then you need to link the downloaded software with the Twitch platform and eventually start streaming.

Alternative ways to make money with Twitch

To make money on Twitch, you don't just need to wait for subscribers to send Cheers and Bits. Since there are others alternative ways which will allow you to generate revenue from the direction of the games. Also with any other content you want to broadcast and share with your followers.


One such way is to advertise while broadcasting on Twitch. In this sense, you can contact any business that needs to promote itself to get more sales.

With these companies, businesses or initiatives a payment agreement a depending on how many mentions are made in the flow about the products and the name of this company. This way, you will earn extra money simply by advertising while playing or talking.

Affiliates and Sponsorships

Partners and affiliates are the ones who constantly generate money on this platform. Since they are the ones who bestow the aforementioned rewards and with whom they see some profit when it comes to doing live broadcasts for Twitch subscribers.

And so we're done with this fascinating article that unravels the mystery surrounding the different terms that are used on the Twitch gaming site. And in a very simple way we have shown you what are greetings and bits on Twitch? How many are 1000 Bits on Twitch in Euros and Dollars?

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