What are cryptocurrencies and how does the Bitcoin business work?

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The world of internet business is evolving day by day, bringing with it new ways of exchanging users in an ever more secure way. That is why people's interest in learning new ways of doing business has grown during this time.

Do you want to know a new way to earn money online that is easy? Then you're in the right place. Be up to date and know more ways to earning money on the web is very useful and we'll show you.

This is the criptovaluta and with its arrival, a range of new business options have opened up for everyone who works from home. It is not very difficult to understand how this new way of working works and in this article we will tell you how to do it.

What are cryptocurrencies?

It is a digital currency designed with cryptographic technology to ensure the validity of transactions between users. This technology also has the task of controlling the creation of new cryptocurrency units with the participation of people on the network. It is very easy to create a Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet account nowadays.

A user can become a cryptocurrency miner giving up their pc to solve complex mathematical calculations to create new units of BTC that other users will buy. And basically this is what this technology is all about, now let's see some history behind it

A little bit of Bitcoin history

Did you know that in the 90s, thanks to the boom of the technology, had they tried unsuccessfully to create digital currencies? Some of the projects that failed at that time were the Flooz, Beenz and DigiCash coins, which ended up disappearing from the market.

It wasn't until 2009 that a programmer under the alias of «Satoshi Nakamoto» ha presented to the world a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. The success of this new currency has been such that it has dominated the world cryptocurrency market to date.

And thanks to this programmer, the virtual currency business was able to fluctuate making users' trust return to this project.

How does the Bitcoin business work?

Very well, you already know what a cryptocurrency is and a bit of its history, now it's time to show you what the Bitcoin business is like. This virtual currency has many uses and there are several ways to make money with it, but we will focus on 3 of them. These 3 ways they are Holding, Trading e mining are the most popular among users. This way you will learn how to buy and sell Bitcoin in any country.


This is undoubtedly the # 1 option for doing business with Bitcoin and it is also the first one you should try as it is the least risky. It simply consists of buying units of BTC for cash through an Exchange and waiting for the price of these units to go up to sell them.

You must keep in mind that the profit from this method is long-term and you must have a significant amount of money to invest. You should also try to buy BTC at the lowest possible price so that the business is more profitable and profitable in the long run.


This method is used with much caution since, unlike the other, it is at very high risk, but leaves excellent earnings. It simply consists in active buying and selling of any type of highly liquid product that exists in the online market.

Let's say it is high risk because the greater the entry and exit from the market, the greater the chance that your capital will fall. Therefore this method should be used with knowledge on the subject and with the help of advanced statistical tools.


Mining It is one of the most popular ways to make money with Criptovalute and consists in using your pc to generate BTCS. Using the powerful hardware of the latest generation computers a user can mine Bitcoin, your pc only has to solve complex mathematical problems.

In this way, the network will reward the user with snippets of the Bitcoin which will have to collect over time and then earn money by selling them. This option is one of the best if you have a powerful computer or if you have enough money to invest in a mining system.

However, you may not want to mine your PC or have others mine it, which is why the following article explains how to stop hackers from mining Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies on your computer.

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