What are clouds in information technology, what are they used for and how do they work?

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Technology never ceases to amaze us and currently there are millions of programs on the Internet. System engineers and programmers are always coming up with new designs to meet all the needs and demands of their users.

In the wonderful world of the Internet there are clouds and if you are a cautious person or just one of those people who like to have the backup of files, documents and information, you should know all the information about them.

What are clouds in computing?

In computing, clouds are a storage method independent located on the network and you can access these servers using the Internet.

What are the clouds for?

Clouds are used for archive all files multimedia, documents and information you want and you can access them as many times as you want via the Internet.

How Do Clouds Work in Computing?

You've probably had millions of questions related to how the clouds work, and then we will explain how they work.


We mentioned that clouds are a hosted storage method in the network. Today, there are many companies that have taken the time to develop a cloud approach for their customers to take advantage of this process.

Companies that offer the cloud service

  • dropbox

Dropbox is an American company that provides an archiving service. People using this program will be able to sync files online, between computers and share folders or files with users and mobile devices.

  • Google Drive

Google is a very popular multinational that developed a storage service system in 2012. Previously this system was called "Google Docs" and is now known as "Google Drive".

  • iCloud

iCloud is an online storage service for Appel customers. ICloud is a cloud that offers 5GB of free hosting to its consumers.


  • A guide

Onedrive is a service Microsoft that works like a cloud. This will allow you to edit and share files or documents.

  • Amazon

Amazon is one of those companies that in addition to engaging in virtual commerce has created a project called Amazon Cloud Drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive is a software costs. which performs the functions of a cloud. This system offers its customers fairly secure storage and backup. In addition, users will be able to share files and print images.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud?


  • If you use a cloud, you can access all your files and documents from any device.
  • When you mount your files in a cloud, you can make free space in the memory of your device.
  • Many servers allow you to host your files in a cloud for free.
  • Once you start using one of these servers, you will always have the your files.


  • The possibility exists of loss of privacy of personal data.
  • If at any time you don't have an internet connection, you don't you will be able to access your documents.

Business and clouds

If you have a business it is important that you know that if you start using a cloud you will have many advantages. Some of these benefits are:

  • You will be able to save some costs of the IT service.
  • If you use the cloud you can invest more time and money in your business, as you will no longer have to purchase equipment to store information.
  • Your data and your systems will be always protected in the cloud and in case of theft or accident you will not lose any of your files.
  • If all your files are in the cloud, you can share them whenever you want with your partners or employees.
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