What are broken links and how can we find them to fix them?

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For those who are copywriters or have their own blog or website, it's definitely extremely important to make sure all the details are well organized. This is to ensure that the website functions and performs optimally. But a recurring problem in this type of case is that of broken links. That's why we show you today what are broken links and how can we find them to fix them, so you get the most out of your website.

What are broken links?

Before looking for a solution to this problem, it is convenient to analyze what they are. In short, these links make it impossible to access certain web pages from the blog or website in question.

When we are reading on a web page, it is very common for us to find links that lead us to one different web page, relating to the topic we are reading.

But what is our surprise when, instead of taking us to the web page we are waiting for, a number appears on the screen indicating that there has been an error and that it is unable to log in to the page as we wanted.

Without a doubt, broken links are a great inconvenience for all those users who decide to create a professional website. However, we'll show you later what you can do to fix them quickly.

How can we find these types of links?

Despite all the problems that cause these complicated broken links, it is possible to identify them so that they can be fixed in the bud. In fact, there is a wide variety of different types of broken links that we may find on our website.

Here we provide you with a list of most common mistakes which you can get in the broken links of your website. Some of them are:

  • Code 400: it means that your browser needs an update to be able to access the web page in question.
  • Status 401: indicates that you do not have the necessary permissions to access the information you are requesting on that website.
  • Error 402: Indicates that the link you want to insert no longer exists or is deprecated.
  • Error 404: when this error appears on our screen, it means that we have mistakenly typed or copied the link we want to access, and it is one of the most common that we can find. However, here we will show you how to fix the HTTP 404 error in WordPress.
  • Conflict 403: It means that despite the connection is correct, we cannot log in because the server does not give us the income because we do not have the necessary requirements.
  • Error 409: This error indicates that the link we are trying to insert has suffered a problem.
  • Error 410: This shows us that the page we are trying to insert does not exist and is a unique and special error from Google.
  • 423 Locked: shows us that the file we want to insert is locked, and it's one of the most common mistakes we can find.
  • 452 Unavailable for Legal Reasons: When we see this error on our screen, it means we can't enter due to a problem or legal reason.

By themselves, these are the most common broken links we can find. But don't worry, because everyone has a solution. Additionally, solving these issues will greatly improve your WordPress page's SEO.

How to fix broken links?

It is quite possible repair broken links that we can find on our page. But to find them, a viable option is to search, link by link, to see which one is broken and fix it.

Another option is that, if you have a WordPress page, you can add the special extension "Broken Link Checker" to her. With this you can find any broken link much easier, in order to fix it.

This allows you to choose which links you want to check, see what error occurred in each one, and gives you the opportunity to fix it quickly and efficiently. In fact, in this other post we will show you how to fix broken links with Broken Link Checker.

This extension is totally free and really useful. It is very easy to use and we highly recommend it for improving the use of links on your website.

We hope that all of this information has been useful to you and that nothing affects the SEO of your website. Keep moving forward, striving to be better and better and to fix those little details that undoubtedly make a difference.

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