What anime movies and series are on Crunchyroll?

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Series available on Crunchyroll

Currently, the platform offers audiovisual content to more than 50 million users in all over the world and its series catalog now exceeds i 600 titles available. You can view content on multiple devices, from PC to smartphone.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

It tells the story of two brothers named Edward e Alphonse Elric. The father abandoned them and the mother died. They decide to use the philosopher's Stone to revive the mother even though they know it is a dangerous method.


In order to use the magic of the stone, it must be paid with an energetic act of the same level as the request. At that moment Al's body begins to disappear and Ed's leg as well. Ed sacrifices his arm in order not to lose the soul of his brother. During the series they will face many adventures together that will allow them to evolve in each chapter.

Super Dragonball

Eighteen years after the climax of Dragon Ball GT, they released Dragon Ball Super in 2015, for continue the adventures of Goku and all the characters in the series.

The story begins eight months after Majin Boo's defeat and the land becomes a peaceful place again. But the God of Destruction Bills yes embarks in search of the Super Saiyan God to face him in a fight. This story is the one that begins the series and is based on the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods.

A pezzo

The protagonist of this series is Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who begins a journey across the blue sea for find the One Piece treasure and be the pirate king. During the storyline Luffy is making friends to build his boat aboard the Going Merry and then the Thousand Sunny.



Naruto Uzumaki is the young ninja from the village of Konoha. Inside it is enclosed the fox with the twelve tails which in the past caused great havoc in the world. Now he has to live with the stigma of being a Kyūbi and live with the rejection of the other inhabitants of Konoha.


But danger still looms in ninja villages and a new threat can provoke a new war. Villages must join forces to face new enemies and Naruto must learn to control his inner power to face the battle.

Attack on Titan

Humanoid creatures called Titans have conquered the earth and wiped out nearly the entire human race. The survivors of the event live inside three huge walls.

The locals has lived there for 100 years and some have never seen a Titan, until one day one called the Colossus Titan appears and breaks down the first wall. Humans will be forced to leave the place and chaos will begin.

Hunter x hunter

This is one of the best series of the genre in a long time. The story begins with the protagonist Gon Freecss, a boy who wants to find his father at all costs and becomes a hunter. His father was also a hunter and he makes this decision with the illusion of finding him.

During the storyline, Gon has to face many obstacles and make friends with other aspiring hunters, Leorio, Killua and Kurapika.

Film su Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll doesn't have any movies and eggs of all the series they have available in their catalog. Although they sometimes have a THIS is a movie associated with a series, will depend on the license.

Also the opening and the end of the series are tied to a license other than audiovisual material. In general, anime movie licenses are only available for theaters and therefore for sale in DVD format.

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