Wallpapers triumphing in Apple you can have on your Android

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We always help you so that you can have the best wallpapers on your Android. But today we're going to change a bit and show you some wallpapers that are successful in Apple and that you can have on your Android.

And is that they are a key part of the smartphone appearance that can directly affect your viewing experience with the device. In this case, these are wallpapers designed specifically for iPhone - and other Apple products - that you can download and apply on your Android phone, let's take a look!

This is one of the AR72014 wallpapers for iPhone

Wallpapers designed for iPhone that you can have on your Android

As we told you, we will show you some wallpapers, designed by the AR72014 graphic designer for Apple products. These are minimalist wallpapers, which look very cool and we really like them, and we are sure you will like them too.

Next, we will show you an example of his work, but if you want to have direct access to these wallpapers while loads them , the best thing you can do is join its Telegram channel, where it uploads them in high resolution and in various formats. And, as we said, you can also find wallpapers for your computer or even for your tablet.

As you can see, the bottoms do not follow specific lines, but there is a certain variety, so that this way you can choose the ones you like best. Also, there are times when these wallpapers come in series that have similarities on an aesthetic level. So, if you like them, don't hesitate and join the AR72014 Telegram channel.

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