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In general, most of the online social platforms used to find new friends and find a partner logically try to monetize their services or projects and to do so they have, on the one hand, a limited universal free section and, on the other hand, another payment section that makes different resources available to the user for interacting and relating, thus leaving a narrow margin of maneuver to use an online service for free and successfully.

This situation also occurs in the Badoo social network where a large part of users pay with the hope or the scoop of being able to increase the chances of meeting new people online and this seems reasonable at first glance… However, I can tell you that you can use Badoo for free or without paying perfectly and to do this, you just need to see how the service works, have a little cunning and worry above all about the keys that I explain below for use Badoo for free and be successful, I hope it will be very helpful.

Complete profile on Badoo | The magic of attraction

Perhaps, for some it may be irrelevant or irrelevant to complete a profile on Badoo with the corresponding photographs and description… However, I must point out that a user profile compiled correctly and captivating can be fundamental and decisive for interaction on Badoo since, the interlocutor will have more knowledge or information about who you really are and if you prove attractive and interesting, you will have a better chance of being reciprocated with a message.

Thus, to have a good profile on Badoo, it is necessary to devote particular attention and time to the photo album with which you will make yourself known on this social network and also to the descriptive fields, who you are and what you are looking for..

Photo album | Worry about the image you project

Even if it can be admitted that the fact of projecting a good image is questionable or superficial… The truth and silly as it may sound, the image is an indisputable introductory letter in the real world and also, in the virtual one and therefore, beautiful, good The presentation or attractiveness that is projected functions as a kind of "opening" or predisposes the interlocutor to greater fixation, receptivity and a high margin of possibility to respond to a good message.

That's why you need to take the time to research the best photos you have or take a few photos that promote the best picture of one.

Photo album (public and private)

Now, precisely your profile photo will be your Trojan horse or spearhead and, in this way, we suggest that you pay particular attention, making sure that this photo technically has a good resolution or definition and, on the other hand, that get the most out of you, i.e. enhance your beauty or your physical characteristics to have, from the first moment, an attractive, very visual cover letter to attract attention.

Along with the profile photo, you must include other photos so that they have a more integrated idea of ​​you and these will form your photo album on Badoo and can be seen by users who visit your profile and it must be clear that They must be equally clear and of good quality and, among other things, they must take advantage of you, obviously highlighting your physical qualities, projecting positive feelings and showing the attractive world around you (friends, activities you do) but without exaggerating.

By the way, you can add or include one or more suggestive private photos in your Badoo profile and they will obviously serve as a good sebum to arouse the restlessness and curiosity of other users who visit your profile on this social network, giving more possibilities to the interaction and, of course, it's up to you what you think is appropriate or convenient to show in those private photos.

Description, who you are and what you are looking for | suggestive information

Another relevant topic, which you need to evaluate and pay attention to, is none other than completing the different fields that describe you in your personality, physically and what brings you to this online dating site.

  • Into who am I: compose a text explaining yourself or describing yourself in good terms. Try to make it personalized, creative, sprinkled with grace and good energy.
  • What are you looking for: think and express in this field what you are really looking for or want to find on Badoo.
  • Technical Information: This form (height, weight, education, marital status and more) must be filled correctly and without deception, as they may have problems or contradictions in the future if a friendship or relationship is established.

Chat for free on Badoo | The art of interaction

First, it should be noted that Badoo offers each user the opportunity to start 5 conversations in one day. That is to say, each user or registered member will be able to send a maximum of 5 initial messages free and at no cost and after occupying these 5 possibilities, he will have to wait for a period of 24 hours to resume conversations or, 24 hours from the first conversation started.

Note no. 1 | By the way, in Badoo you cannot start chat conversations with users who have a defined criteria and for which you do not match or are not eligible and in this case you can only chat with that type of user with credits or super powers.

Chat on Badoo | Choose very well who you will talk to

Now, it is necessary to comment that to dialogue with other users it is necessary with some cunning and sanity, with people with whom one could really have a dialogue online. In other words, you will have to do a careful research of possible users in Badoo People Search, review their user profiles very well and discern if there is any affinity with which you can connect.

It is not superfluous to say, for example: that you forget about that beautiful, splendid and unattainable boy or girl because, surely, many other members have to fill him with messages and he has to be very, very selective when he relates to the non-being, which you think to be on the same level and to be able to capture their attention.

I recommend playing it safe and looking for simple and ordinary people who know how to value you, who are close to where you live and with common tastes or affinities with whom you can get a lot out of a conversation. This is a primary key to use this online service and have a good result and without paying.

Chat on Badoo | Have an interesting and inspiring conversation

So, from creating a relatively attractive and interesting profile and searching or selecting suitable users to interact in Badoo chat, it is clearly necessary to move on to a vital and key issue and that is to generate a conversation from start to finish, intense, innovative and motivating in Anyway.

First or to begin with, it is worth mentioning that you need to make a difference by exhibiting a great expressive quality in the Badoo chat (without falling into monosyllables) thus transmitting ideas and sensations to the right extent and together with this, it is recommended to have good spelling and writing, this will say a lot about you.

On the other hand, lazy and easy flattery should be avoided (don't be slimy), you won't get anywhere with it and also, you should say profanity or things with a double meaning… With this kind of thing, you will only worry and cause rejection, right? seriously, do you want this? So, act like a gentleman or a lady.

Finally, and it's not a difficult thing... The important thing is to generate a tasty, suggestive and stimulating conversation that can get in touch with the interlocutor's heart and mind and sprinkle everything with doses of creativity, humour, positivism, freshness and grace among other things.

Chat on Badoo | Start a conversation on Badoo

Undoubtedly the first conversation message sent on Badoo to another user is fundamental and its content can be decisive for them to answer you well or discard you and not waste a second with you.

That's why you have to think very carefully about what to say and how you are going to say it, and for this you have to be very smart to generate a quick and good impression and to encourage and promote a response that can be articulated later., a conversation thread. Well, I don't want to fall into theory and I want to leave you with an example of what should not be done and another example of what could be done and work as a good opener, I hope with this you understand some logic of what is valuable, i.e. the first message.

Example no. 1 | bad conversation starter

“Hi beautiful, give me your whatsapp” or… “hi, you look like a piece of cheese, you have Skype”.

Technical Information: this type of conversation started in the Badoo chat is undoubtedly the one that girls receive the most and is characterized by informality, brevity of the text, coarse and common compliment, it is not empathetic, it does not provoke anything and moreover, it does not stimulate no response.

Example no. 2 | good conversation starter

" He how are you? First of all I must admit that you look pleasantly good in your photos… Sure, you know it and obviously you have already been told about it here… One question, blah blah blah (open question)…»

Technical Information: This other badoo chat conversation starter is, of course, very different and is notable for good writing and spelling, a degree of formality and friendliness, as well as having a polite compliment in addition to a few open-ended questions where is expected an opinion. All of this inventive and promotes the response and if you're skilled, you can strike a conversation off the response and voila! You managed to use Badoo for free, chatting with other users.

Badoo Super Powers | An ace in the hole

Finally, I'm going to give you a very valuable resource or a real trump card and that is to get nothing less than Badoo super powers for free for a period of time and which will allow you to converse with other users that you could not and see things ( favourites, who likes you) that were banned for free use.

However, in advance, it is good to suggest or advise that before using or using it, do yourself the favor of knowing how to use the tools that Badoo has to make users interact well, since, knowing how this service works, they will be able to do excellent use of this free perk by taking the corresponding match.

Now, for get these badoo super powers, you need to go through the Badoo account deletion simulation process. That is, they will go up » Settings » (gear icon) and then click » Delete account » and then, in the window that opens, cross out or mark the option » Delete your account »And then click on» Continue » Once all this is done, a window will appear where they offer you the option of free super powers, so to get them, click on » Get free super powers » ​​and now you have this completely free resource.

I hope this tutorial has been very useful to all those people who sometimes get angry when they try to use these online services and don't reach their goals as well as being almost forced to pay to get something.

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